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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Experimental Game 2

I am becoming much more comfortable with Gamemaker. It's making me think more logically, and I am happy with that.

Here's a screenshot of what I have so far. I don't have a good title for it yet. But I have the rudiments of the gameplay up.

It was still kinda embarrassing to show this to my class, because it's not too innovative like the other groups.

I've gotten random amounts of enemies to appear. Very proud of that. Tonight I want to get up the rudiments of a menu screen. Also I am still working on concept art.

One day, I hope to be able to use pygame.... I can see easily how a lot of these variables may be manipulated there.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inexpensive vs Expensive Brand Clothes, 1

I think that using the word cheap to refer to something low cost is poor terminology. It sounds tacky to call something cheap. Or constantly talk about getting a 'good deal' on a bulk package of clothes. It is as if you're trying to purchase a used car for $200 dollars. Buying clothes is quite a 'you get what you pay for' idea. It is like getting a shirt, shoes, pants and socks for $10. The quality is likely to be terrible, or the clothes will look horrible.
One wants clothes that are sturdy and stylish.

It is obvious that while one wants to not 'break the bank', i.e. paying $400 for a dress or $200 for some shoes. One can look stylish on a budget.  One must also pay a reasonable price, because the price of the clothing goes to pay the company, and the workers, and for advertising, and to keep the lights on in their stores, and especially for the cloth. Or, if it's a private boutique or seamstress/tailor, cost of materials, time, shipping and further tailoring.

One must consider moderation. Paying $300 for a dress is debatable. What it comes down to is if you feel wearing their name is worth it, or if they are just pretty clothes.

I feel this way about brand name lolita clothing. It is obvious that a dress costs so much due to these factors:
  • A certain designer designed it
  • It is made with certain expensive materials, such as brocade, silk, velvet, or natural materials
  • the dress had much labor put into it, with painstaking detail
  • the company can add 'couture' in front of the name or in the description, and add on $300+ dollars to the actual cost.
  • how many dresses are in stock
  • how high the anticipated demand is
  • et cetera.
Most of the time, I just don't think it's right to charge so much for something easily mass produced. Perhaps it is expected of the creators to make something expensive, so that not everyone can have or wear it. Would it be fashionable if everyone was able to fit it and wear it and it lasted for some time? I just feel... if you're going to make a one colored dress out of polyester and cotton, throw on a few frills, a few bits of lace.... is it right to  make it $360USD? They certainly have a right, it is their clothing. But is it fair? Certainly if it were a full rococo gown, historically accurate, with soft, factory made lace and the whole thing is machine washable, it is justified that it should cost $300+ dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if it cost $500, and more if it was a seamstress making it, with hand sewn or hand made details.

Small independent companies are more justified in pricing, because there is much more hands on work in creating the garment, such as hand-picking the fabrics, hand sewing any alterations, embellishing and talking with the customer on sizing, repairs or additions.
Larger shops, like some of the ones I saw on 5th avenue, don't quite have that level of detail in their service. Therefore, I feel as if they're taking advantage of the consumer, and are not justified in selling a pair of synthetic leather heels for $3000. The only way to justify that is if the designer is making every pair of shoes themselves, or if they had precious metals or stones, and rare unique materials. Like live goldfish.
Pic from Discovery Blogs. No, you can't wear these. I wonder if PETA has seen these.

I do enjoy how brands are starting to make their clothes slightly larger and slightly more affordable. I am not a big brand fan. I feel some remorse in saying this. I thought I was a lolita. But is buying brand and wearing someone's name on your feet, head and torso what makes you a lolita? Not at all. The clothes are just covering in the end. It is justifiable to like their style, and want to be a part of their vision. Wearing brand for bragging rights, just to say that you're an expensive and therefore important person, is ridiculous.

I would, however, pay up to $200 for a dress. I believe are such dresses as I would pay such a price:
Dear Celine's Summer Classic OP, from QutieLand
Infanta's Spring Whisper Lady Charlotte OP, from QutieLand

Angelic Pretty's Sweet Princess OP, in Lavender

By plus sized, I mean bust and waist sizes of over 36 inches, or a height larger than 5' 6". And with no alteration.

There's not much you can do for actual brand OPs if you're 45" in either bust or waist. Nothing to do but wait. However, you can request reproductions or totally new dresses from smaller boutiques and seamstresses. It is my dream that these shops will realize that larger sized foreigners exist and want to purchase their clothing. u_u

Plus sized friendly brand shops:
QutieLand - A number of smaller shops that tailor make clothes standard size and 'oversized' for 10-20 extra USD.
Victorian Maiden - A very small number of brand dresses that would fit around bust or waist size of 40-42.
Innocent world - A respectable amount of dresses that have an upper bound of 44 inch waist or bust. Personal favorite.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright (BtSSB) - Their shirred clothing fits up to 45 sized bust and waist. Their tailored clothing hovers around 36 inches for bust and waist.
Candy Violet - An american startup lolita shop, with their own site. They have a size 2XL to most of their clothes, B: 46 W: 36.
English Charm - Goes up to 2XL, B: 48 W: 42 H: 52
Ergi - sizes by commission
Fan+Friend - up to around bust of 44 for untailored items. Offers tailored items.
mfashion - A few brand blouses, B: 42 W:40
Milky Ange - A lot of their dresses have an XL size, where  B: 44in W: 40-42 in. Very lovely traditional lolita.

List will continue as I find shops.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Feminist Art and Feminism, Gender clothes

Feminist art and feminism has come a long way.

I want to eventually write a post on body image, western expectations and maybe include lolita in this. I've been thinking a lot about that lately. We have been talking about fluxus, contemporary art, and feminist art in my Multimedia class.

I feel that the idea of a feminist put forth in our culture is some hairy, bulky woman who hates men and want a woman dominated society. I feel that this is caused by some radical feminists,

Feminism has done a lot for women rights. They drew attention to the fact that women have been treated like objects, and have not received equal pay, and equal rights. I feel that
I was amazed to learn that there were female artists in the 1500 and 1600s. However, I've noticed that they are rarely mentioned in history books. My art text books only named a few female artists. I wonder if it was because they weren't allowed to exhibit work, so they weren't well known, or if the textbooks simply neglected to mention them.
There were  females that stood up for the right to vote, and rights over their body, and the role of women. These women wore dresses, did up their hair, and took care of children. All feminine things.

I grew up in an age of online anonimity. The internet conceals your gender, race, and orientations. This can both be bad and good. But if I didn't say I was a female, that I was black, that I grew up in the inner city, would you ever know? All you can do is trust me.

What I mean by saying this is... that in such places, you can be whatever you want. People are defined by their activities and what they say, and can be masculine or feminine, not male or female. I believe feminism has done a good job. Now, neutrality should take over. We need to stop being males and females, 'girls' and 'boys'. Because we can be either. There's so many permutations of a human being that these labels barely make sense.

Two examples of more neutral topics:

I got these from  google search. The sites these images are from are listed at the end of the post. They're not mine, I just wanted to show examples.

Cute, but bewildered expression.

And of course, Mana.

How this might relate to lolita?
I absolutely love Brolitas and cute masculine looking cross dressers and transvestites. I think they're so beautiful. Here's the google search for Brolita.

I love how japanese brands sometimes have male sizes for dresses.
My only qualm about brolitas is..... that the fact that some don't shave their faces. You can go without makeup. You're going to look more manly, but maybe that's the effect you're trying for. But facial hair in general on a lolita... it looks sloppy. That's so unfortunate.

Google search


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Experimental Game 2, and knit pattern drafts

I'm supposed to be working on my game right now. I'm making it in Gamemaker 8 lite. I don't have screenshots because I have NOTHING DONE. Waaah.
I love game design but making a game on your own in a total of 2 months is horrific.

I like the resolution 900x700, which is a slight scale-up of 800x600. The character sprites are going to be 100x50. I am using placeholder sprites for now, because I don't even know if I'm going to stay with that.

I've been so distracted by lolita. I'm ashamed, I woke at 8:30 and took a shower, and spent all the time I had for breakfast primping and preening and making sure my bow was on right. I only have a phone picture.
But I was late for my multimedia class. Basically art history. So, I got marked tardy. So another two tardys and my grade goes down a letter. But this is the first time I've been late to class this year.

My friend Jacob is.... not that fashion oriented. So he chastizes me whenever I take too long or go over the top with my lolita outfit. I feel guilty because I was at least 5-10 minutes late for class because I was trying to see what my body was doing in relation to my grey dress.
The waist was fine, my butt was fine. It was those infernal BREASTS! They keep growing and saboutaging me! If they keep growing I won't be able to properly fit into the dresses I have now!
But I had to re-lace the back corseting and make sure the hem was fine... I can never get ready in time for a leisurely breakfast.

I have to scan in the paparazzi image and trace over it in vector-ness to make it look clean for the game.
I also have to trace in the crowd.

My main problem is that I shall need to find code that allows my character to be fixed in one relative position on the screen, while being able to move up and down. The room is going to be a long room, and enemies spawn from the right side.

Edit: Triumph! I got my character to move up and down the screen and stop at an invisible wall!


Patterns on another note:

I see all these brand name cardigans in these online lolita shops. They're 200 dollars and gorgeous. Cardigans are a staple of almost every lolita substyle.
I love making things, especially things I can wear. I figure, why not make replicas? They won't be exactly like the cardigans, because I'm not aiming to make something in fingering or lace weight. Worsted weight is fine. I consider these patterns to be inspired.

I get this idea from going to Ravelry and Craftster and there being patterns like: "Anthropologie Inspired capelet" or "Anthropologie Inspired Cloche". I can't find patterns for this stuff, and I want to spend my money on jsks and the little brand that I can buy, so why not make them? Or at least try?

I want to try this also because even if I should want to buy their cardigans, I will never be able to fit them. So this will be for all those women that are larger than a Japanese small/medium (or are a Japanese small/medium).

There are so many knitting patterns that can be altered to make replicas, hybrids, or even brand new original cardigans. Once I get a hang of creating cardigans and other objects from scratch, I want to design my own patterns and share. This is a project I will work on in the future. First, I must make something presentable of my game project.

But my next cardigan project will be a plain low scoop neck top down raglan, with Caron one lb sky blue acrylic yarn. It is this pattern.

If you do want to buy these cardigans, or draw them, or drool over them, they're here. These are cardigans I absolutely love and can't afford...

Inspirations for my note, and others:

On another note:
I love that innocent world has been making their sizes slightly larger, and they have amazing sales for brand name clothes! Angelic pretty has been doing that tooo! They have size "large". Good job lady and gentleman designers! Keep up the good work.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Back from NYC, and lolita brand.

I just came back from  NYC. Fun vacation.
However, there were no lolita stores...

We did manage to go to Tokyo Rebel. Nothing there fit me of course, but it was nice looking at the brand clothing. I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be. I had spent all day walking around and my feet hurt and I had to walk 12+ blocks to get there so I was limping by the time I got there. I was a little disappointed the shop was so small and out of the way. But space is at a premium in NYC, so it's not their fault. Also, it was the only location and they were just starting up. They had a lot of putumayo, innocent world, victorian maiden, mary magdelene, and misc visual kei clothing. My friends stayed in the back waiting, because they met me there and got there before me.

I love innocent world and victorian maiden! Mary magdelene too.

I got a mini decoden kit for 8 dollars. Has cute strawberries. Dunno what I'm going to deco with it. It was 10% off. Maybe I can deco my compact mirror.
I also got an Innocent World tote bag. My first bit of 'brand'. I finally have something to wear to class with my lolita clothes. It doesn't have pockets inside, is why. Was $39 dollars. I had purchased so much in NYC I figured why not.

I wish I had a job so I could pay for my own brand clothing. But right now, the best I can do is to be supported by my mother, and to sew my own lolita clothes. I do feel bad and guilty because lolita is an expensive style, but I look so good!

I tried to wear lolita in NYC. The skirt I made was very frustrating. I plan to tear off the lace and put  it on something else. It frustrated me so much because it was too short and lopsided.
However, the dress I purchased from Milanoo looked nice. I got several complements from random people. It wasn't lined though. I am too scared to wash it for fear it should dissolve. Milanoo has some issues in customer service and quality. I wouldn't buy from them again until they start getting professional. My experience wasn't bad.

NYC is such the fashion capital. Everyone walking around on the main streets amongst the fancy boutiques looked so expensive and snazzy. Confident and slim. Such a manipulation of the masses using images I've never seen the likes of. NYC is so intriguing, so fascinating. So pure on the surface, yet stylishly sinful.  They desperately need some lolita stores. I mean, it is unacceptable that there are none in the northeast. NONE.

If I knew how to sew  and was dedicated enough, I would make a line of plus sized lolita dresses. That takes a great deal of work that I'm not sure I want to do.

I wanted to buy some lolita clothes in NYC. I ended up buying a bag and some leather shoes that have nothing to do with lolita. They're uber cute though.

I want to buy these from bodyline to make up the difference.

BTW I'm amazed. Innocent world has been having some relatively affordable sales as of late. Sales on stuff that would be able to fit me!
Well, it would need slight tailoring for the waist. But it's beautiful... I would wear it year round.

I'm still not ready to pay $167 dollars for a dress, even if that's the sale price. Usually JSKs are $200 and upwards. So that's pretty good!
I think they should have added embroidery to the bottom of the skirt, to complete the total fade. But it's still cool tho.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Red Pattern Notes

These are notes for myself.
I want a hooded cape but I don't feel like sewing and there aren't any knitting patterns for adults.
The pattern looks like it can be easily customized so I'm going to try that.

The original pattern is here on ravelry. I don't own it. I am just modifying it to fit my figure.
little red pattern


Little Red Cape Mods

sized for an adult

red heart yarn
size 8 needles

what i'm basically doing is doubling the measurements, because I'm slightly smaller than the double of the smallest measurement.

chest: 52"
Neck: 16"
length from neck: 26" (Am going to change this to 30")
Hood circumference: 37"
hood length: 16"

cast on 208 sts. Seed stitch for 10 rows. Change to st st, first and last 8 sts in seed st for borders. Work even to 30" from cast on, end in ws row.

neck decrease:
follow instructions.

neck decrease:
follow instructions

increase row: seed st, *k1, inc 1* till end
work even until 16in above neck marker.
Follow instructions.

Lolita Charm: Why Must My Public Be So Tiresome

Lolita Charm: Why Must My Public Be So Tiresome

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Experimental Game 1

I have to make a game for Experimental Game Design. I am going to write down my process here, instead of google docs, because I don't really have anyone to share ideas with in such a formal manner.

Programs I could possibly use:
Gamemaker 8 lite

I may experiment with flash, because it will take too long to use pygame, and game maker doesn't have all the things I need.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A lolita coord I would love

Other bloggers do it.I've come to think it looks like fun!

As I am here slaving away at one dress, I can look at other dresses and think: I want that!
It is raining outside. I don't feel like going anywhere, therefore.
Pokemon Black/White came out today. Went with friends at 2am to get it today.  Really wanted the event Celebi but... lets be serious. It's raining, icky. and I'm comfy on my bed. I might try and force myself later on.

Anyway, I just love the line by Metamorphose.
I figure eventually if I'm going to be more of a lifestyle lolita, I need to know the names of the designers and which clothes come out from each line, once in a while. This is a start in doing that.

I am not saying that I will fit into all these coords. Or that I will buy them one day. I'm just saying: Damn these are sexy, you give me lolita inspiration.

Metamorphose has an mature Victorian lady feel to their clothes. Innocent world has a young Victorian lady feel to their clothes. That is why I like both of them, and that is why I used these two brands to make a coordinate.

Without further ado, I think I shall call it the Selene's Mirror Coordinate. I think this exemplifies my idea of the modern victorian lady. Hah. Modern victorian. Funny.

Friday, March 4, 2011