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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Game making

People tend to think the games industry is all fun and games because we make, market, live and breathe games.
People tend to trivialize it as if it were so easy.
That is quite wrong.

Yes, its not rocket science or heart surgery. But its not just playing video games all day and shoving nachos into your face.

It is intense. Really intense. Lots of deadlines, make or break it days, weeks, and months. If you've ever looked at the code behind a simple game or app, you can see the hundreds of hours put into it.
If you could look at the size of the .psds or .mbs or animations or video files, you could see the hundreds of painstaking hours.

It irritates me when people trivialize the industry like its a waste of time... one could call stocks and betting on futures a waste of time.

BTW I'm on a deadline for our new game. x_X
To try and get some interest in our app Bloop, here's an early character drafts.