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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thoughts about yarn.

There is a certain camaraderie knowing that another knitter used the same yarn to make their different project. It is very interesting to see what a yarn can do, and the possibilities to be had with it.

It almost motivates you to do a similar project with that same yarn.
I search through the project pages on Ravelry to find interesting designs and inspirations for any of my artistic projects.
I hope that one day I will have time for a knit a long or a crochet a long.

I also wish I could find my camera... because I just got a major haul of yarn from the thrift store. I love the thrift store for finding yarn. Its got its own element of excitement when you find something that would have been 6 dollars for .99c.

Today I found:
3 balls of crochet thread, size 10, blue, pink, and cream, for 99c each
6 skeins of  3 oz worsted cotton yarn from Caron, some discontinued brand.
Size 13 bamboo Clover knitting needles
Size 15 plastic bates knitting needles.

In addition, I got three college ruled notebooks that I needed for class. I think they were 99c each.
Its cool because this thrift store is usually really expensive.

I always think to myself in the thrift store: Why would a yarnie destash their stuff to the thrift store?? You can sell that stuff for more than 5 dollars a skein online! But, their loss. Oh well. xD
Unless, god forbid, I lost the use of my hands and toes, I would never get rid of my yarn. There are so many projects that need to be knit and crocheted. I have over 1900 projects that I could make on Ravelry.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Game making

People tend to think the games industry is all fun and games because we make, market, live and breathe games.
People tend to trivialize it as if it were so easy.
That is quite wrong.

Yes, its not rocket science or heart surgery. But its not just playing video games all day and shoving nachos into your face.

It is intense. Really intense. Lots of deadlines, make or break it days, weeks, and months. If you've ever looked at the code behind a simple game or app, you can see the hundreds of hours put into it.
If you could look at the size of the .psds or .mbs or animations or video files, you could see the hundreds of painstaking hours.

It irritates me when people trivialize the industry like its a waste of time... one could call stocks and betting on futures a waste of time.

BTW I'm on a deadline for our new game. x_X
To try and get some interest in our app Bloop, here's an early character drafts.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Creepy old men

"Dear Creepy old men.

You are old enough to be my father. Or my grandfather. Please stop hitting on me kthanks."

... I would like to stop and say hello to random people on the street like a nice person. But then they ask me my name. And what I am doing later. Old guy asked me why I was smiling one day. I thought he was being nice. Today he also asked me why I was smiling, and asked me my name. I kept walking. He shouted out for me to wait, and said he couldn't hear my name.
You are the reason why I carry hot coffee with me.
*Scalding coffee to the face!!*
But yeah. I'm just not going to walk on that street again for a few days.

Why also is the first thing that lots of guys ask me: "Do you like older guys?" or "Do you like white guys?" And dirtier things. Online and offline.

You know what? I don't like sketchy guys. And you're looking pretty darn sketchy ATM. I watch enough Law and Order SVU to know where this is going.
And that is why some women carry taser. Hah. Johnny Bravo cartoon is awesome. Every woman in that cartoon has a taser with his name on it.

I guess I don't look intimidating enough. Maybe I need to walk around looking deranged? Like I'm going to shank the next person who looks at me wrong?
Women in my family look like they can pull ox carts. I think that's the only thing that's keeping that actual crazy 1/50 guys from actually bothering me further. I feel if I was more petite and slender, perhaps the 90lb type, creepies would get closer.


I wish I had my big strong bodyguard here.
Escort around town horray!