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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lolita-like knitting patterns

I've been moving out of my dorm room. Things are a bit precarious right now. I had to put my box of yarn into storage. D:
I don't have time to be a lolita on the outside. But I sure as heck am still one, even if I don't wear so much as a bow this summer.
I definitely have to ration my money this summer too. Ugh.

Anyway, since I cannot purchase the clothes or sew them, these are some lolitaesque cardigans and tops I plan to knit to supplement my lolita wardrobe:

See you all later.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Game done

I did a lot of artwork for this game. The gameplay wasn't what i had wanted it to be. It was a great struggle for me.

... Just goes to show that again, I'm not a coder. So 1.5 months to make a whole game by myself isn't going to produce an award winning game.

I'm a little sore about that, because we have to exhibit it for two days and I'm DONE with that thing. I have plenty of projects I want to work on. I need to totally make a list of all the projects I want to complete. However,I have around 3-4 essays to write and I'm trying to pass my classes. Also, I"m trying to find summer housing so I can work at Deadmans over the summer. It has so far been extremely difficult to do this.

List of projects:
Finish that 3d face I was sculpting in Blender
update my website's content and layout
Draw some of my brainstormed lolita clothing prints
Learn animation in blender (I already know animation in Maya)
Create a lolita dress up game
Learn pygame
make a prototype of the game "Tessa's story"
Finish that dark green lolita dress
finish sewing that black lolita pinafore
finish knitting my cream colored lolita socks
pick a fabric and dress style for my lolita summer dress

That's all off the top of my head.

I will post a link to my game. Maybe eventually. But here is the poster.

I'm really proud of the guitar design. that was fun. I had drawn both the lead singer and the guitar in my sketchbook last year and decided it would be fun to use them.