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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ideas in general, 2

I need to design and 3d model a trainer, perhaps along with pokemon?
Design a dragon, and how they can be feasibly created.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thinking about Creative Things

Gonna make some textures. I've always wanted my own library of textures! I just have to figure out how I'm going to put them either into the blog or on my website. I have plenty of bandwidth on both.
And besides, crediting ppl all the time is kinda.... tedious.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thoughts 1

Grey, black, brown and white should be respected as a legitimate palette in the fashion design industry.
 It is sometimes boring to be dressed all in saturated bright bright colors all the time.
The example is the dress that I had been designing for some time.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Long time no see

I've been drawing more and more lolita designs as of late.
Lolita is an expensive style, even if you're not buying the 200 dollar dresses from overseas. Fabric is expensive. Broadcloth tends to be $2.50 a yard or more. I need at least 2 yards to make a jumperskirt.  I am working on a black pinafore style, and taking tips from this craftster tutorial here I have cut my own pattern out of newspaper and got some discounted scrap interfacing. I just need to pin it out. There is little room in a college dorm room.

I've had a mind to design my own fabric patterns, and draw/embroider them onto broadcloth.

Anyway, I've been backlogged with school, friends, drawing, gaming and the like. I just recently got We Love Katamari, the sequel to Katamari Damacy. So far it's a great expansion on the original. But KD still has a place in my heart.
I am testing out the new pattern I have for the lolita eyepatch, hopefully sometime this week.

Stay frilly, y'all.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ideas on what to 3D model.

Having an artist block.

I really want to paint. I haven't done any acrylic painting this summer. I'm upset about that. I did do some watercolor pics for the volunteer job that I had. I am going to attempt to get them off my phone.

3d Ideas:
Standard Car
Plain landscape
Various types of lamps
People in different poses

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lolita patterns

I will not distinguish the different subcategories of lolita.
I will try and update this site as often as possible.

V - Victorian

Dresses, skirts and petticoats - knit bloomers - wa lolita - tiered skirt - bloomers - petticoat - easily loliable skirt - lolita skirt, no pictures - complete plain dress pattern - bedsheet petticoat

Shirts and cardigans - corset top - custom corset generator. - A loliable camisole or bodice. - reconstructed cardigan - overbust corset

Coats - V - fur stole

Jumperskirts (JSK) - part one - part two - part one - apron - loliable apron

Accessories - this might be a good start to scale up a dress for you. (yes it's free.) - garter belt. - Zori, japanese sandals. - polymer clay cake - victorian tophat polymer clay charm - canvas ballet flats

Hair and Makeup - Hime Hair

Knits and crochets - Capelet - crochet capelet.

Communities and help articles - african american lolita - muslim lolita - 14+ community for male lolitas - lolita penpals - sewing for lolitas - angry lolitas

Lolita Outfit Construction, discussion

I really love the lolita clothing style.
The style of clothing I go for is classic, sweet, or ero lolita.

But designer lolita clothing, even the knockoffs and cosplay lolita clothing are far out of my price range. For example, I would pay $50 for a lolita dress, but not $200+.

It's very unfortunate. I know there's certain costs associated with tailoring these dresses in 5, possibly 6 different sizes. But some of this price is just brand inflation privilege.

Anyway.... I've been scouting for really cute patterns to sew. I figure it's just cheaper, since I have found discounted fabric here and there.
Especially since I have unusual measurements.
One of my goals is to lose a dress size so that I might fit into the standard dress sizes. They're kinda small. The problem is mostly my waist, but then again, these dresses aren't exactly made for big breasted women either.

Don't get me started on Japanese standard sizes. =_=

I have been using GosuRori scans and Gothic and lolita bible scans, have been weeding through them for useful patterns. By useful, I mean skirts, dresses and blouses. Because it is easy to find cloaks, bloomers and armwarmer patterns.

In subsequent posts I will list helpful sites and locations, because I tend to find sites for these patterns either exceeding bandwidth, NOT having useful patterns, or just not existing anymore.
I want to help the community.

Eventually I want to have my own free dress pattern up here, as well as some dress patterns for small fee. That would be interesting. Selling own lolita patterns. Hmm...
I wonder what the lolita industry would say or think. ;]

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Working on page 6 of my manga.

So... I have 3 more pages of my manga sketched out.
need to be fixed up before they're presentable.

I'll post pictures maybe later.

I decided to add some background story to it.

Through Toriko's narrative, how they met and canoodled. Hah. Canoodle.
They met in a warrior tournament. And she will tell that tale briefly.
And then her tale will blend into him meeting her priestesses.

Yey! This is going somewhere!

A lot of hard work. Due to misc. events, I have not been able to work on it as much. I should probably sketch some in my sketchbook instead of just doing story boarding in there. I would prob get a lot more done.

I can see how this shouldn't take ages to make, like some manga series do. Esp. if the work is spread equally. Just.... doing all this alone gets to be a lot of work. I'm not complaining, I'm doing this for fun.

BTW I stuck myself in the ass with a knitting needle. By accident. The bleeding stopped but that asscheek is still sore. Am a little upset about my stupidity in leaving it on the couch. But I'll survive. Unless that needle had salmonella or something. Then I'd need penicillin.
.... anywhoo....

Am gonna take a nap now.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things I thought about the other day.

  • What does world peace look like? It is an idea that is easily taken for granted.
  • People don't want to hear the truth if it goes against what they've believed in.
  • Diya is a good name for a female. Very cute. Gonna use that as a character name.

That is all.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

=_= Part 1.

*extends middle finger to the art forum elites*


Anyway.... I STILL can't paint my mesh of geneva and I'm pretty peeved about it. Something in blender isn't working how it's supposed to.

Other than that, this summer is pretty boring.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Drawing day and Commissions

WOOPS I forgot to draw something for drawing day. xD It was ten days ago. Anyway here's the link.

I am working on commissions and washing my clothes lately.
So bored.
Got a volunteer job at a local museum. Working with children and art. And children.

I might post the number of commissions to show I am actually working on them. But lately I have been doing more knittin' and crochettin.
Because I am bored.

Professor Thomas, I think his name is?
Photoshop Cs3.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Which comic to start.... or finish.

Oh goodness. I have so many comics. And un named ones at that.

Should probably finish a whole comic.
Though now is a good opportunity to start up another comic while I still remember how to storyboard.

1. final project for GS: Story about seiryuu, lola and the eternity elixir. (short)
2. Geneva and Ursula: their lolita love story. (several chapter project)
3. Deer and Wolf yaoi tragedy. (short)
4. Oliver, ametaro, Alphonse, Ulysses fighting love story, in Thundara city. (several chapter project)
5. Harley and Sebastien branched story, same universe (several chapter project)

all the character profiles are on my site.

I want to get #3 out of the way before it grows stale. Or grows weeds. Like the flower beds in Sims 2. Or the bare floor that gets water on it. How can someone urinating on the bare ground cause weeds to grow a day later??? Oi. It's kinda funny though.

I think I should continue with final project #1, then #3, 2, 4, 5. Might as well go with Seiryuu's story until I get writer's block. As far as I can go, hopefully.

Have little else to do this summer anyway. =.= Summertime sucks. End of discussion.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Old Inspiration

I should probably link my personal site here soon.

Was looking at my artwork on elfwood from years ago. Like, when I was 13-15 years old.
I remember all the traditional artwork, all with backgrounds, that I did. I was just looking at some of the artwork that other people are selling on etsy. I used to be able to do these things.
I just wonder... why can't I do this anymore.

I guess, it may because I don't have ideas, or I've become lazier. I sorta miss that.
Maybe to get inspired, I can remake these old pictures.

Oh, a link to my elfwood if anyone is interested:

I posted some stuff a few months ago. But that is mostly old art.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Collaborative Game Design

Finally came up with an idea. SOMETHING.
The game will be called: Save My Hard Drive.

Will maybe reveal details later on, like character designs and the like. Maybe a little storyline.
But friend Jacob... who I can link later, is doing most of the codin'. I might do proofreading. Because my skills with coding are teh PHAIL.
I really try though. But I have very poor logic. Or non-traditional logic. Yeah that's what I'll call it.

I don't know if it should be platform, rpg style, 3d, 2d, flash, or WHAT. I have that problem coming up with games a lot.

I also have the priviledge of finding a job or internship this summer. Great. Kinda wish my aunt would just stop nagging me. Not even my mother. But my aunt.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Remember artistic fads?

I think they're kinda silly.
The newest fad in anime art is to make all your characters look the same except for hair and eye color, and maybe clothes.
Opencanvas was a fad I guess. "Nobody" uses it anymore. Now it's all about SAI amongst the amateur artists, and even some of the freelancers.
Remember when oekaki was the shit? And then paintchat. And then something like an intermediate between the two.

People following fads are like sheep...

Photoshop will always be strong amongst them. I am fond of Painter personally.

Gaaaah panicking over my diff eq final.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How DO they do it?: Mangas with very sparse storylines being dragged out

Have you noticed that there are some mangas that have very sparse storylines have books that drag on FOREVER?
Like... having 3 books max worth of manga, yet dragging it out for like 30 books instead?

I guess I have to learn that to be successful as mangaka, I have to learn to do that, instead of putting actual content in there.

Almost done with my comic book final for Graphic Storytelling. Will post the pages when I get them done.
But I'm so tired of working on it! I want to enjoy some of the week or so that I get...
called 'study days'. Before the finals.

I like the story but I am just tired. I want to sit and play games for a few seconds.

Of course, I have no job so I don't know what I'm going to do for the summer.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Technology age and Print, Part 1

Part 1:

I should be finishing my diff eq homework. But I am listening to NPR streaming. It is not bad but it isn't the best replacement for npr on the radio. I miss waking up gently to news stories with soft, british and foreign accented voices.

Print media is slowly phasing out with the onslaught of digital print. I for one would still purchase new and antique books.

But with this age of convenience, what happens when your device breaks? Or the company goes out of business, or whatever? You run out of memory?
I for one do not trust digital portable devices to keep my data safe forever. Print books can keep them safest longest. Because you never know when your storage device will decide it doesn't want to be compatible or listen to your player anymore.

I experienced this with floppy. Several times for papers. Twice, when the disc got physically stuck in the drive. A few more times when the computers suggested I reformat the drive to read the document. And a few more times when there were virus scares.

And my flash drives. There's a beautiful black one I have, 2 gig, made by cruzer. Had to go on another computer and transfer off my files, because
Another flash drive, 1gig, started bending and I was afraid it would break, and the data would be trapped on it.

You also lose a lot of traditional jobs from writer to reader. What about the publishers, and printers, and editors, and the people who work in the bookstores.
With the coming of technology also comes further desocialization. You don't have to go to the bookstore and interact with someone in order to purchase a book. You can just point and click. I fear that these simple interactions might become frivolous soon enough.

They are talking about copyright and electronic rights and publishers now.

I need to finish this work before 4pm. Last diff eq homework.... wanna do well. It's getting really tedious. 3x3 matrix determinants??? Really?? And matlab doesn't understand finding the determinant of 3x3 matrix that involves lambdas. UUUUUGGGH.

Anyway gonna run off and finish now. Might post more later.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Types of Sock Heels and Patterns

I'm tired of not being able to find the types of heels that can be knit. I don't like the traditional basic heel type, so I'm going to investigate types and share with the community.

Stay tuned.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Spending a great deal of time crocheting.

I'm kind of disillusioned with school work. It's not good but I am. Though I have gotten quite a lot done with my Graphic Storytelling comic.

I have the first scene partially done. And I have made up Seiryuu's character design up.
This is my story idea.

I am working on a messenger bag. "Slouchy hobo bag". The pattern is here on youtube.
I'm trying to use up most of my yarn. Crocheting is good for that. It uses up yarn fast. But it also makes thicker, faster pieces of work than knitting.

Knitting takes a long time but involves a more smooth texture than crocheting.

We're learning Laplace transformations in math.

I am attempting to model a 3d anime-like head in Blender. It is hard.

WIPs of all my projects will come later on.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Often Misused Words: I

An overused word.
Used so many times the word almost has lost meaning.

(kōō-tŏŏr', -tür')
  1. The business of designing, making, and selling highly fashionable, usually custom-made clothing for women.

  2. Dressmakers and fashion designers considered as a group.

  3. The high-fashion clothing created by designers.

[French, sewing, from Old French cousture, from Vulgar Latin *cōnsūtūra, from Latin cōnsuere, cōnsūt-, to sew together : com-, com- + suere, to sew; see syū- in Indo-European roots.]


- 3 dictionary results


[koo-toor; Fr. koo-tyr] Show IPA
the occupation of a couturier; dressmaking and designing.
fashion designers or couturiers collectively.
the clothes and related articles designed by such designers.
the business establishments of such designers, esp. where clothes are made to order.
created or produced by a fashion designer: couture clothes.
being, having, or suggesting the style, quality, etc., of a fashion designer; very fashionable: the couture look.


In the end, when fashion designers say: "This has a very couture look!" What does that really mean? Why can't they say fashionable? Do they mean high fashion? And if so, what is high fashion?

I wish people would say what they mean and mean what they say more.

couture. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved April 19, 2010, from website:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Geneology

My Math advisor is interested in genealogy! I saw his personal school website.
Why does this matter?
It lead me to copious amounts of links to genealogy, especially for the Caribbean in general, not just Jamaica!

I am half St. Vincentian. That is all I know so far, and I can only go 3 generations back. And then the history gets muddy. I haven't delved that far into my background through my family, I'm somewhat shy to talk to them. This could be a great way to initiate connection with them, I know that at least.

I want to start genealogy of my mother's side.
I'm really excited because I found a web page with official records specially FOR st Vincent and the Grenadines! I had almost resigned myself to giving up, being lost in the vast billions of people and millions of histories there are in the world.

And one of the most exciting parts of this discovery in the counter. Over 6000 people/hits have been recorded. This means there are many other people interested in this project.

How exciting.

I have to remember for my first trip to st. Vincent, to involve myself in genealogy of my family. We have a pretty common name, so this won't be easy.

I forgot to add the stuff I've knitted as of late.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Knittin. At almost 3 am on a sunday morning.

I have so many knitting projects. They are calming.

I just set up version 7 of my website, CalienteOkami Studios. The CSS is still messed up. Needa work with that. But... pretty proud of the image layout. Took me weeks to tweak and get right.... The "lace" pattern on it, I made myself. Pretty nifty. Handmade in PSP9.
[Screenshot in a bit.]

Am watching Dirty Jobs. Mike is plugging cave holes. It is very funny, for he cannot extract a simple fencepost.

Earflap hat: 55%
Grey Tunic: 30%
Cotton T-shirt: 5%

I am looking for summer internships in the game design field. The search is going very bad, thanks for asking. xD
It doesn't even have to be a summer internship. Just an internship. I don't know of anywhere that would take an artist just for a year. But I'm willing to do anything. I've had like 40 tabs open. Hmm hmm. Interesting this.

Anyway, still gonna work commissions. I don't have any updates for those, because commissions have been kinda sparse for me as of late. D;
I have two upcoming ones. Workin' on that.

About math. Differential Equations: doing fourier series. How painful. xDDD

Pictures of my felted cellphone case, my first felting.
And my t-shirt, like 30% done.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What this be

This is my game blog. This is my progress on becoming a game designer. What I want to be is a concept artist. You know, the one who designs the cover of the video games, and makes the characters (every aspect of them).

I want to be in the industry, so that means I should learn about current games, as well as get my hands wet in the game creation industry.
  • That means, I buy really good, yet mostly old games. I might talk about and review them here.
  • I will talk about my experiences with MMORPGs.
  • I will complain about my friend, Jacob, and his amazingness with C++ and his ease of creation of games. He also wishes to be in the video game industry.
  • I will talk about how we could work in the same building one day.

As it stands, I have little experience in coding. I survived Computer Science 1 at RPI, and I found that I liked creating, but I didn't like being graded for creating.

So, I decided to try an easier and more versatile program: Particularly, python. I found it was the perfect language for me. C++ is too confusing. Far too confusing for my artistic brain.

During my two years at RPI, I've also discovered I am not the scientific type, but I love physics and math. My compromise is to do a major in Electronic Arts and Mathematics, since I can't pursue Physics and Math (too hard) or Game Design ('filled').

I will show concept art I have made, as well as interesting bits of code. I hope to finish an RPG based on a little girl named Tessa, who is lost in a forest. It will start out as a harvesting game, and the storyline will get deeper and more complex as time goes on.

A synopsis will be given out later on.

This will be my progress. Follow along?