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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sewing and Hair


I can never find information on hand sewing. There's plenty of information on machine sewing.
I wasn't able to get my mother's sewing machine from home. So frustrating. I know I have schoolwork to do but I want to relax by sewing. I desperately need to grow my lolita wardrobe. I do have a garment from winter break, where I sewed the bodice to the skirt. I drafted the pattern myself, and it fits pretty well.

It is extremely hard to find information on hand sewing garments. What I've found so far is basting stitches in preparation for machine sewing. Blech.

So, I will soon go on a quest for antique sewing magazines. They oftentimes show you how to handsew in the back, as machines weren't as prevalent.

I will take a pic of my dress for later on, as a WIP. I might have mentioned this previously, but I want to hand embroider the top, and make lace for the edging by hand. I've found several pretty lace patterns, and I have already begun one in a minty green.

Its great, the fitted sheet  for my bed here at college has lost its elasticity. I don't really want to repair it. I want to turn it into another lolita dress!
I'm silly, silly. I have two other pairs of sheets, I don't need  three! Its ok.
I needs lots and lots of green dresses I do! hah.
well, spring IS coming. I haven't gotten a chance to wear lolita s much as I wanted to this winter. I don't have the proper attire to do so is the problem. I really want knit tights and lolita boots. But of course, the fashion is expensive...
Once I get a paying job in the games industry, I'll dress it all the time squee!

Anyway, I will post the pattern as I drafted it, and a tutorial will follow.

These are some of the tutorials I am using. Sorry, this time these are all videos. - this woman has pretty decent tutorials in general. - A lolita shirt reconstruction - bloomers

I have the hair of an african american. It is frizzy, fluffy, dense, and strong willed. It is not a good idea to break the will of hair, because you will break your hair.
It is, however, shoulder length. I choose not to straighten it with chemicals, use a flat iron, or wear extensions to make it look straight. For the most part I tolerate and like my hair, but I want wigs so that I can change up my hairstyle more often. I want a green wig!

The only thing is to work around your hair. I don't think it is unfortunate that I don't have straight long hair. I find it unfortunate that there's a lack of diversity in the magazines such as the G&LB. The point is to look victorian and cutesy. But I'm pretty sure there are alternatives to the one look that is presented in these books and others like it.

I do believe that lolita generally requires shoulder length or longer hair in order to attempt certain styles. One could have closely cropped boyish hair or tiny curls though, it will just require accessories for it to look lolita-ish. Cute hats, beanies, berets, hair ornaments and clips, and definitely bows.
It just matters that you take care of your hair.