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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Animating Character for Animation 2

I have yet another character project to work on. This time it is for class.

I got stuck doing it in Blender, foolishly, because Maya can't figure out how to import an unwrapped object correctly. Seriously, it butchered my UVs. Everyone else in the class is using Maya. Ugh. As long as I get a finished object that moves as I want it to....
The problem is, Blender is great for 3d modelling and animation, but Maya has some professional tools, and leagues more documentation.

So now I have to finish the animation in Blender, yeah.

.... I guess I can tell things I found useful lately.
If I don't find a tutorial on how to rig and skin it, I suppose I shall have to make my own tutorial. I've always wanted to make blender or gimp tutorials.

How to 'Hide' the mesh while making the armature:

This is the tutorial I am using so far.