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Thursday, April 28, 2011

End of the School year, start of Summer

It looks like I will have to stay in or near Troy this summer, because I have a job at this local game designing studio. I am very happy about it. I just realized a few days ago that I will have to stay in Troy for a few years. Maybe I can live in Albany. I'm just scared because Troy is so ABSOLUTELY BORING.

But I am excited to work there. I'm pretty lucky to get a job in the field not even right out of college. IN COLLEGE. Kinda shamed  myself during the interview tho....
Everything will be official in a few days. I have been looking around for housing over the summer. This time of the year is getting pretty stressful for me, and I'm so tired.

This is also the time of year where lolita gets nigh unbearable to wear. That's why I sew my dresses out of washable materials. There's no sense being in 80 degree weather in a dry clean only dress. You're just begging for sweat stains and the cost of removing them. I have no idea how I'm going to wash that dress from milanoo though. I'm afraid of it falling apart. :/ Isn't that a shame? And so far I'm too lazy-busy to clean the tub in my dorm room so I can wash it.
Bedsheets and curtains are the way to go. If not, washable cotton and polyester. No polyester in the summer though. It is like you are under a plastic sheet that is meant for baking flesh.

As long as it looks nice and isn't burlap, the material doesn't matter. The textile design is the most important feature of a dress or garment in lolita. I don't believe in dresses that bleed or shrink in mainstream brand lolita. Why would you DO that to your customer... D;

I haven't worn lolita in a few days though.
In the end, school is more important than lolita. And I've been rushing about and bustling to finish my work. I'm just so sleepy all the time.

I have finished a great deal of my game. I decided early on that I didn't like it. But apparently I have to stick to it. UUuggh there is one week left and I want to make a different game! I've been thinking that for weeks. That's not a good sign, I know. But I guess I need a grade.

The main programming problem I am having so far is that the damn guitar won't like... stop duplicating itself.
I need to draw the enemies and make the paparazzi work.

Yesterday and the day before were 80 degrees. Was awful. I was cranky because I knew I was sweating. When I sweat, I get unhappy because my skin is sticky and I will get the pimples and there is no way for me to cool off.

Ah well. I have to start writing this essay.