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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moooore dresses!

I really want a new dress or skirt or two. I've found, where the clothing is wholesale, and they have a complete lolita section. They have so many pretty dresses! I mean, some are lowcut and obviously lingerie, or some are cosplay, but some are very pretty.

I have to remember to save up for my new york trip with my friends for spring break. I have a limited amount of funds. And i would love to buy souvenirs. So I am trying to get an on campus job so that I can pay for my habit.

Take a look at these things.

I have some decisions to make. And some pattern pieces to plan.
I have some old green bedsheet. Very rich and beautiful green. I want to turn it into a basic JSK. This time, I think I will make it a circle skirt.