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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moooore dresses!

I really want a new dress or skirt or two. I've found, where the clothing is wholesale, and they have a complete lolita section. They have so many pretty dresses! I mean, some are lowcut and obviously lingerie, or some are cosplay, but some are very pretty.

I have to remember to save up for my new york trip with my friends for spring break. I have a limited amount of funds. And i would love to buy souvenirs. So I am trying to get an on campus job so that I can pay for my habit.

Take a look at these things.

I have some decisions to make. And some pattern pieces to plan.
I have some old green bedsheet. Very rich and beautiful green. I want to turn it into a basic JSK. This time, I think I will make it a circle skirt.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New year, new clothes?

It's a new year. Been very busy.

I'm amazed at how hard I worked to finish my finals. Several all nighters to finish art projects. My animation 1 final was crap, but it was finished! I am still learning Maya. I still prefer Blender.

Anyway, so I've been catching up on knitting, crochetting and sewing that I didn't get to do because of class. I really want to work on getting my school life together, but I also need to do some personal stuff. like make my life more lolita friendly.

Ah, the lolita life. I would like to call myself a lifestyle lolita, but I have quite a ways to go before I can actually say that to other people.
At the moment, I don't know of anyone else that dresses lolita... sometimes I prefer being the lone lolita because it's somewhat unique, and I've learned to shy away from online communities. Other lolitas I've found in the past... have been a bit unfriendly. I'd love to have a lolita penpal, or just a regular penpal. Handwriting personal letters sounds like so much fun.

Oh well. What's important is that I have cloth and I'm going to try and sew as much as I can before the break ends. I don't have much time, as we go back to classes the 22nd. I go back to school the 20th. D; I did manage to get a decent lot of things knitted! There's this skirt that I'm hand-sewing though: I think it's too long. Like 30 inches long. I will try to fix it.
But I've found so many lolita accessories too, that I've put together myself or found from the thrift store. I'm so happy about that. Months ago I purchased two cigar boxes for them. I'm hoping at least the jewelry will fit. I have two headdresses so far, those may have to just go in my closet at school with my hats and such.

Aaaanyway.... I'm trying to lolify this pattern here.
It's a top down raglan tshirt done in cotton and acrylic Lionbrand Cotton Ease, and I aim to make the bow at the top more pronounced. It's going pretty fast and I'm excited.

And this pattern here is going to be such a cute lacy waistcoat. It's going to be heavy though, due to it being crochetted. I have no idea what yarn I can use. I'm thinking caron simply soft, but I also have caron one lb in white. I need a yarn that's not immensely heavy.

Clothing Queue:

Pink trellis lolita skirt
black lolita bonnet
felted wool lolita purse
lolita dress (design coming soon)