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Saturday, February 27, 2010

What this be

This is my game blog. This is my progress on becoming a game designer. What I want to be is a concept artist. You know, the one who designs the cover of the video games, and makes the characters (every aspect of them).

I want to be in the industry, so that means I should learn about current games, as well as get my hands wet in the game creation industry.
  • That means, I buy really good, yet mostly old games. I might talk about and review them here.
  • I will talk about my experiences with MMORPGs.
  • I will complain about my friend, Jacob, and his amazingness with C++ and his ease of creation of games. He also wishes to be in the video game industry.
  • I will talk about how we could work in the same building one day.

As it stands, I have little experience in coding. I survived Computer Science 1 at RPI, and I found that I liked creating, but I didn't like being graded for creating.

So, I decided to try an easier and more versatile program: Particularly, python. I found it was the perfect language for me. C++ is too confusing. Far too confusing for my artistic brain.

During my two years at RPI, I've also discovered I am not the scientific type, but I love physics and math. My compromise is to do a major in Electronic Arts and Mathematics, since I can't pursue Physics and Math (too hard) or Game Design ('filled').

I will show concept art I have made, as well as interesting bits of code. I hope to finish an RPG based on a little girl named Tessa, who is lost in a forest. It will start out as a harvesting game, and the storyline will get deeper and more complex as time goes on.

A synopsis will be given out later on.

This will be my progress. Follow along?