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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bought art supplies: Turpenoid, Oct 20


I finally bought art supplies! I am trying to get my work out there, and so I am going to make youtube videos soon.
I want my first youtube video to be either my art supply purchase unboxing, or a timelapse of me drawing/painting something.

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This recent haul is from Jerry's Artarama. I'm trying out different art supply websites, now that I am doing more traditional drawings and paintings. I will post when I have some progress on this video stuff.

Anyway, I got this from Dick Blick off of Amazon for about $19. It is 16oz, Weber Natural Turpenoid. I already have a 32oz plastic container, but I"m running low. I thought 16oz would be... larger than this .But what can you do. Hahah.