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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spiral Thread Holder, project

Hello there. I have been busy with work mainly, unable to post things.
I have still been crocheting.

I love going to There's so many interesting vintage and antique patterns of all sorts. I mainly go there for knitting, crochet and tatting.
Here's the link, if you didn't know of it already.
This is one of the few places on the web where you can find free antique patterns.

I am using this PDF at the moment.

I like thread crochet, because its very victorian, and an easy(er) way to make delicate lace. Especially for pretty dress things! Or just for miscellaneous decoration.

Some of these patterns aren't really patterns, they often contain just a picture and a few lines that go on to say: "follow the picture". How people from the 1800s were able to replicate these patterns is beyond me, the patterns can be so vague, confusing, and full of errors. Not always, but its a thing to consider.
Anyway, I am making page 12's Crochet Thread Holder (#2), I'd call it the Spiral thread holder, as it isn't even given a name! Here's a screen capture of the 'pattern'.

Its very cute! If lined, it would be a great mori kei, lolita, or other type of accessory bag. I just love  the cute ribbons. I'm not sure if I would add them.

I'm currently working out the pattern. If anything, I will post notes as to what I did (on ravelry), as well as posting a link to my ravelry.
If I have time, I'll post a writeup of my version of the pattern.

The pattern asks you to use a size 7 crochet hook (1.65mm) and size 5 crochet cotton.
I'm using size 10 crochet cotton and sizes 5 and 7 hooks. More to come.