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Thursday, November 27, 2014

More Pictures of DIY spindles and yarn tools

Hi everyone!
I have more pics to share. Found them on my hard drive.
These spindles are all handmade by me. The heart-shaped blue object was supposed to be a tatting shuttle. It was an experiment that didn't pan out. It can double as a pendant or a thread holder I guess.


From left to right: 1. chopstick and polymer clay spindle, decent spinner. 2. Dowel and polymer clay triangular spindle, great sport weight single spinner. 3. Polymer clay handled size E crochet hook.

4. I drilled a hole in half  of a wooden yoyo I found, stuck a dowel and a hook in it. It is a decent spinner of fingering and sport weight singles. 5. A terra cotta polymer clay spindle, improvised. It eventually broke. ]= I need to remake it. 6. A printer gear and a chopstick bottom whorl spindle. All three have superwash merino singles on them.

(See above descriptions)

Close up images of this failed tatting shuttle and the ring I tatted on it. Eraser next to it to show the size.