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Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Pages of my Thesis Comic

I still don't have a name for this comic.
 This is my thesis project. I don't think I posted the pages previously.
It is a current work in progress which I have worked on  last semester, this summer, and now this semester. (Spring 2013, Fall 2013)

I continuously need to show my comic pages to people, but I never... have them nicely set up.
I hope this page will change that.

  • Characters:

This is the story of Nextus an angel sex slave, and Hajime, his demonic owner and lover. These are two impoverished inhabitants of an alternate world called Spiritworld, which exists parallel to our own.  They live in the Thundara City slums. This comic endeavours to tell of their love story, and their struggle to stay together, survive, and make a home for themselves. This story is an offshoot of a main story, details of which are to come out later after I finish this comic.