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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WIP art post: Lolitas of color

You don't see many lolitas of color portrayed. So I figured why not experiment? Every lolita likes looking at a pretty rolemodel that looks similar to them (or has similar values, similar challenges, etc etc). If there aren't images on the web or in books, its because no one cared to make them. So I shall! =D

Muslim lolita! I saw one in the Gothic and Lolita bibles. They don't seem to be well represented elsewhere. So considering that image of the muslim lolita lady in the fan pictures in the GLB and adhering to what I believe I have heard about casual muslim attire rules.... I have created 2 images.
So... what MIGHT a muslim lolita wear? I don't claim to know all about muslims or muslim lolitas. Just trying something. =D

Also.... I don't think I like the feather there. I might go with roses or some other flower or something.