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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Looking at sales on patterns

Vogue knitting sent me an email stating that they are having sales on their patterns.

Meh. Their stuff is too expensive to buy directly from them. I heartily say check out ebay or amazon for their patterns. Heck, I was SO lucky, I got the Vogue knitting book, normally 38 dollars, for 5 dollars at the thrift store. The thrift store is mecca for off brand mori kei, dolly kei, and lolita accessories and clothes, btw. Though, don't expect much in the way of finding cutesy girly stuff if you're larger than a size L.

I've been into mori kei lately. It is one of those styles that can use a lot of lolita stuff. Mori kei is about looking like you're a forest wanderer, a free spirit. Dolly kei is similar, but its purpose is to make you look as if you came from a european fairy tale. I love both of those styles, but lately I've been making dresses for Lolita. I have one pale blue dress that I am making out of a Mc Calls pattern. Will post pics when I can, am exhausted, just came off of a shift working at Walmart.

Whoooo. This is the book I have. I am getting quite the store of knitting/crocheting/sewing books.

As for tips for accessories to make for any of these styles... I suggest joining ravelry.
The following patterns are from my queue on ravelry.
A pattern that would be great for...

Mori Kei: A Maiden's Glory, , a circlet made of crocheted flowers and leaves. Very beautiful. I tried to make this before I properly knew about gauge. Didn't go well. Am going to try again though.

Dolly Kei: Two measures of joy,, A felted purse knit in the round. It has the first couple of notes of Ode to Joy knit and embroidered onto it, so its kinda nerdy, but goes along with the very romantic look of dolly kei.

Lolita: The Grown Up bonnet,, a bonnet knitted on size 5 straight needles. I am in the process of making it but I put it aside so that I can knit christmas gifts.

Anyway, all of these patterns can also be found on Ravelry, if you wanted.

Am going to continue drawing and posting some things up here, when I'm not tired. Farewell for now.