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Monday, September 3, 2012

Lolita bonnets, knitted?

I am totally making this bonnet. I've had it on my ravelry to do list for quite a few months. The link to the pattern on ravelry was just fixed, and I dod love my bamboo size 8 circular needles. Now all I need is a decent yarn that won't make my head sweat or dry out my hair.

I'll show you all how it turns out, and if it is feasible to knit a lolita bonnet. =D

Many thanks to the designer for fixing the link and posting the pattern.

Taken from met museum website here:,b

On another note, isn't this dress just lovely? Its a 1700s robe a la francaise. I want to sew this, by hand. Because I am an insane person. I've been researching free patterns for them. It basically consists of a back and a front, sewn in at the waist, and the middle is a stomacher that covers the corset. Three pieces, yet SO  many yards of fabric. Around 15 yds. Need to see about getting cheap but pretty fabric from somewhere... when I have money.

BTW, I'm taking a semester off from school. I will be working on a job, but I really wish that my job would be artist. I am trying to get my artwork into some contests and shows. Mainly acrylic paintings, too scared to do oil, for it is horribly messy and dries SLOWLY.