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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boobs and Exercise, the good and the bad

It might be a secret that I have large boobs. Esp. since I don't post pictures of myself. D= I just can't find good ones!
I am fat, but not every fat woman has large breasts. At least they make my waist look small. But in some ways, I envy fatter women with large breasts. For example, they can find sports bras! Once you hit cup D and up, it becomes astronomically more expensive and more difficult to find. I REALLY don't want to pay $65 dollars for one sports bra. Its a bit unfair that some women have to pay more for decent bra and some pay less... and of course can find their size...

FYI, I researched breast taping as an alternative. They flatten your breast tissue and can cause lumps, poor circulation, and improper taping can crack your ribs and compress your lungs. Oi, being a female can be difficult.

Why am I saying all of this? I used to love running when I was younger. I used to be amazing at sprinting.  I also used to be skinny. I just... really miss running mainly. Of course I want to lose a bit of weight, but that is mainly so I can enjoy running again. It is a great past time.

I feel, the main things that are stopping me are:
1. my boob size:  finding sports bra, them moving and hurting me
2. I hate sweat cuz it causes me skin problems.... even after washing myself
3. my knees and ankles tend to hurt after a few days of running, what with cracking and just feeling like I've sprained them.
4. I have no one to run with (either in my area, within my family, or in my size range). I guess I could search for a running group in my area, but I feel... these people will be people that are experienced, and run 5 miles  a day, with their lean, rippling leg muscles...

I've been working my way up to running 1 block. I also want to know what times people choose to run. I feel that I'm not a morning person, noon is when the sun is pounding down upon you, afternoon is when the few television shows that I actually do watch are on, and obviously you can't jog at night, what with cars and crime. AND MOSQUITOES, ugh, bugs, I hate jogging and having bugs get in my ears. HATE it. If I put on headphones, then the bugs just touch my neck and chest and legs. Why....

What I really want is a running skirt... those look so comfortable. Of course, like the breast reducers/sports bras, they're EXPENSIVE.

I tend to build muscle fast, in general.
I have found walking doesn't build or tone my muscles as fast as running, hiking, stair climbing or bicycling.

I struggle to find a way past these problems. My online searches only yield generic advice for slim people OR  larger people. It truly seems either/or. It may be my search terms that are the problem.

Umm, on another note, I'm almost done sewing a different style of lolita skirt. Hand sewing. It is going to have an elastic band used as shirring: it has a folded over waistband, sewn onto the actual skirt, which has a wider diameter and is shirred.

I don't know, I just prefer sewing by hand to machine sewing, even though it is vastly faster. I've also accidentally stabbed my fingers several times this summer, just by hand sewing. I somewhat want one of those leather thread pullers or leather thimbles, to minimize that. Usually I just wipe my finger and continue on, as it isn't worth it to put a bandage on a pinprick. It stops bleeding in minutes anyway.
I need a new petticoat for that matter. The last one I had I foolishly put in the dryer....I have some old t-shirts and bedsheets I wanted to experiment with. Cotton/polyester. I want to reserve my larger pieces of fabric for actual skirts, dresses and tops.