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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A little bit of a regretable absence lately

Sorry I haven't been around. Have lots of homework. I'm just saying I'm here still, I haven't disappeared, I just have bio lab work and some essays to write. D= Still knitting and crocheting. I haven't been sewing because it takes a lot of time. I've drafted some patterns that I will share later on when I actually have time.
Not cool, but what can you do.

I"ve also been working on making stuff in minecraft. Its really working my technological side, what with the logic gates and electrical circuits.

I haven't gotten to wear lolita lately, its just not practical atm as I have sculpture and its messy. I also have biology labs, which are messy. Its also not practical to be climbing up hills and several flights of stairs in cute heels.

 I don't want to mess up my nicely sewn lolita clothing.

I need new lolita stockings for my thicker legs for that matter. I need more socks and such too. Well, this is what weekends are for. Along with homework. =.=

Will come up with new content soon....
I swear...
Maybe I can just photograph the diagrams I have in my sketchbook and make those the tutorial.