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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Creepy old men

"Dear Creepy old men.

You are old enough to be my father. Or my grandfather. Please stop hitting on me kthanks."

... I would like to stop and say hello to random people on the street like a nice person. But then they ask me my name. And what I am doing later. Old guy asked me why I was smiling one day. I thought he was being nice. Today he also asked me why I was smiling, and asked me my name. I kept walking. He shouted out for me to wait, and said he couldn't hear my name.
You are the reason why I carry hot coffee with me.
*Scalding coffee to the face!!*
But yeah. I'm just not going to walk on that street again for a few days.

Why also is the first thing that lots of guys ask me: "Do you like older guys?" or "Do you like white guys?" And dirtier things. Online and offline.

You know what? I don't like sketchy guys. And you're looking pretty darn sketchy ATM. I watch enough Law and Order SVU to know where this is going.
And that is why some women carry taser. Hah. Johnny Bravo cartoon is awesome. Every woman in that cartoon has a taser with his name on it.

I guess I don't look intimidating enough. Maybe I need to walk around looking deranged? Like I'm going to shank the next person who looks at me wrong?
Women in my family look like they can pull ox carts. I think that's the only thing that's keeping that actual crazy 1/50 guys from actually bothering me further. I feel if I was more petite and slender, perhaps the 90lb type, creepies would get closer.


I wish I had my big strong bodyguard here.
Escort around town horray!