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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Red Pattern Notes

These are notes for myself.
I want a hooded cape but I don't feel like sewing and there aren't any knitting patterns for adults.
The pattern looks like it can be easily customized so I'm going to try that.

The original pattern is here on ravelry. I don't own it. I am just modifying it to fit my figure.
little red pattern


Little Red Cape Mods

sized for an adult

red heart yarn
size 8 needles

what i'm basically doing is doubling the measurements, because I'm slightly smaller than the double of the smallest measurement.

chest: 52"
Neck: 16"
length from neck: 26" (Am going to change this to 30")
Hood circumference: 37"
hood length: 16"

cast on 208 sts. Seed stitch for 10 rows. Change to st st, first and last 8 sts in seed st for borders. Work even to 30" from cast on, end in ws row.

neck decrease:
follow instructions.

neck decrease:
follow instructions

increase row: seed st, *k1, inc 1* till end
work even until 16in above neck marker.
Follow instructions.