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Friday, March 25, 2011

Feminist Art and Feminism, Gender clothes

Feminist art and feminism has come a long way.

I want to eventually write a post on body image, western expectations and maybe include lolita in this. I've been thinking a lot about that lately. We have been talking about fluxus, contemporary art, and feminist art in my Multimedia class.

I feel that the idea of a feminist put forth in our culture is some hairy, bulky woman who hates men and want a woman dominated society. I feel that this is caused by some radical feminists,

Feminism has done a lot for women rights. They drew attention to the fact that women have been treated like objects, and have not received equal pay, and equal rights. I feel that
I was amazed to learn that there were female artists in the 1500 and 1600s. However, I've noticed that they are rarely mentioned in history books. My art text books only named a few female artists. I wonder if it was because they weren't allowed to exhibit work, so they weren't well known, or if the textbooks simply neglected to mention them.
There were  females that stood up for the right to vote, and rights over their body, and the role of women. These women wore dresses, did up their hair, and took care of children. All feminine things.

I grew up in an age of online anonimity. The internet conceals your gender, race, and orientations. This can both be bad and good. But if I didn't say I was a female, that I was black, that I grew up in the inner city, would you ever know? All you can do is trust me.

What I mean by saying this is... that in such places, you can be whatever you want. People are defined by their activities and what they say, and can be masculine or feminine, not male or female. I believe feminism has done a good job. Now, neutrality should take over. We need to stop being males and females, 'girls' and 'boys'. Because we can be either. There's so many permutations of a human being that these labels barely make sense.

Two examples of more neutral topics:

I got these from  google search. The sites these images are from are listed at the end of the post. They're not mine, I just wanted to show examples.

Cute, but bewildered expression.

And of course, Mana.

How this might relate to lolita?
I absolutely love Brolitas and cute masculine looking cross dressers and transvestites. I think they're so beautiful. Here's the google search for Brolita.

I love how japanese brands sometimes have male sizes for dresses.
My only qualm about brolitas is..... that the fact that some don't shave their faces. You can go without makeup. You're going to look more manly, but maybe that's the effect you're trying for. But facial hair in general on a lolita... it looks sloppy. That's so unfortunate.

Google search