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Friday, March 18, 2011

Back from NYC, and lolita brand.

I just came back from  NYC. Fun vacation.
However, there were no lolita stores...

We did manage to go to Tokyo Rebel. Nothing there fit me of course, but it was nice looking at the brand clothing. I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be. I had spent all day walking around and my feet hurt and I had to walk 12+ blocks to get there so I was limping by the time I got there. I was a little disappointed the shop was so small and out of the way. But space is at a premium in NYC, so it's not their fault. Also, it was the only location and they were just starting up. They had a lot of putumayo, innocent world, victorian maiden, mary magdelene, and misc visual kei clothing. My friends stayed in the back waiting, because they met me there and got there before me.

I love innocent world and victorian maiden! Mary magdelene too.

I got a mini decoden kit for 8 dollars. Has cute strawberries. Dunno what I'm going to deco with it. It was 10% off. Maybe I can deco my compact mirror.
I also got an Innocent World tote bag. My first bit of 'brand'. I finally have something to wear to class with my lolita clothes. It doesn't have pockets inside, is why. Was $39 dollars. I had purchased so much in NYC I figured why not.

I wish I had a job so I could pay for my own brand clothing. But right now, the best I can do is to be supported by my mother, and to sew my own lolita clothes. I do feel bad and guilty because lolita is an expensive style, but I look so good!

I tried to wear lolita in NYC. The skirt I made was very frustrating. I plan to tear off the lace and put  it on something else. It frustrated me so much because it was too short and lopsided.
However, the dress I purchased from Milanoo looked nice. I got several complements from random people. It wasn't lined though. I am too scared to wash it for fear it should dissolve. Milanoo has some issues in customer service and quality. I wouldn't buy from them again until they start getting professional. My experience wasn't bad.

NYC is such the fashion capital. Everyone walking around on the main streets amongst the fancy boutiques looked so expensive and snazzy. Confident and slim. Such a manipulation of the masses using images I've never seen the likes of. NYC is so intriguing, so fascinating. So pure on the surface, yet stylishly sinful.  They desperately need some lolita stores. I mean, it is unacceptable that there are none in the northeast. NONE.

If I knew how to sew  and was dedicated enough, I would make a line of plus sized lolita dresses. That takes a great deal of work that I'm not sure I want to do.

I wanted to buy some lolita clothes in NYC. I ended up buying a bag and some leather shoes that have nothing to do with lolita. They're uber cute though.

I want to buy these from bodyline to make up the difference.

BTW I'm amazed. Innocent world has been having some relatively affordable sales as of late. Sales on stuff that would be able to fit me!
Well, it would need slight tailoring for the waist. But it's beautiful... I would wear it year round.

I'm still not ready to pay $167 dollars for a dress, even if that's the sale price. Usually JSKs are $200 and upwards. So that's pretty good!
I think they should have added embroidery to the bottom of the skirt, to complete the total fade. But it's still cool tho.