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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lolita Literature

I have been wanting to make a literature post for a while. This is quite a worthy pursuit of a lolita's time, or anyone's time.
There are many books that could be considered a must read for the young Victorian lady. Not back in Victorian, Edwardian or (other such movements) times. But nowadays. What would, or should, a lolita read?
I believe the lolita or the lady would try to educate herself, if not by learning or studying a new concept, at least by broadening her knowledge of books and ideas. However, sometimes sitting and watching television like a beached whale is more fun.

Of course, you can read anything you want. No one's forcing you, these are just my thoughts. But these might just be inspiration for your everyday lolita life.
The ones I have read are *-ed.
I will try to put as many free books as links. My main sources are the Gutenberg Project. this will be a work in progress.

Tess of the Durbervilles*
Pamela - Samuel Richardson*
Lady Chatterly's Lover
The Cantebury Tales
Candide - Voltaire*