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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lifestyle Lolita, post 1

I decided several months ago, which is last year, that I would be a lifestyle lolita. That is a very expensive habit. However, I don't really understand how if someone puts on the 'frills', they're NOT  a lifestyle lolita. Perhaps it is a passing phase for some people? Like dressing 'gothic', 'emo', or not caring about how they dress?

I've been reading a lot of this blog as of late. Lolita Charm . Whatever I do, I keep getting redirected to this sometime in the week. There are other blogs that I'm subscribed to on blogger. But it just happens.
I've been reading a great deal about Lolitas and reading lolita blogs. It appears I have an obsession. Or just that I am a lifestyle lolita.

I suppose to be a lifestyler you don't have to dress that way every day. It's more of the ideals that you hold about every day life.

The lolita things I do every day:
  • Knitting/Crocheting
  • Sewing
  • Drawing, sketching
  • Lace making
  • Reading Classical books
  • partaking in philosophy
  • Enjoying tea
  • Enjoying dolls
  • Enjoying Victorian and similar fashions, and finding coordinates!

There are more things I do, but I don't do them every day. And I can't remember them right now.

However, it wouldn't hurt for me to get some more skirts and blouses for everyday wear. I also need bloomers. I hate stairs but I must go up them once in a while. So I'm not an out of shape fat person all the time. (BTW I can say this because I'm fat. =P) And.... people could very well see things. Also it's damn windy in this town. Can't stand this town... my skirts, why!

I mainly dress classic/aristocrat lolita, ero lolita, and casual lolita. I'd be so afraid of sitting places and getting  dirty as a shiro lolita. (I could bring a handkerchief to sit on but still.) That's why now I prefer off white and creams. Also they really complement me. Complete kuro lolita is too dark for my skin complexion and hair. I don't want my dress to blend right into my skin...

Clothes I would love to get for these styles:
  • Black and white skirts - Gonna see if I can find some people to commission, and find some cute fabric for me to sew.
  • Black stockings or white stockings
  • Cute earrings (can go to claires, icing, or fashion bug I guess) 
  • All purpose tote bags!
  • Bows and hair pieces
  • Cardigans

Most of these I can make. However, it takes time.

Just figuring out what to do with my hair is a big problem however. I don't have the straight hair that asian or most white lolitas have, and straightening my hair every week is not an option.
I have started to compile a list of alternative hair styles for those with curly, frizzy, floofy or natural hair. I will post pictures when I can.

I'm quite excited because I got a reserve subscription from I'm going to get at least 3 issues of gothic and lolita bible for 20 dollars, instead of getting each one for 20 dollars! Yaay. Because I need to keep up with the fashion, I do. I know my major brands, but I definitely could do better.

I hope this lolita thing is not a phase. I plan to be dressing at least aristocrat or steampunk into my old age!

I would enjoy the fashion a lot more if I had someone to talk to and meet with. Especially if I went to a meet up. I'm a shy person, but sometimes, it's not fun performing your hobbies alone. You want someone to share it with.

-Murasaki no Ryuu