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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lolita Outfit Construction, discussion

I really love the lolita clothing style.
The style of clothing I go for is classic, sweet, or ero lolita.

But designer lolita clothing, even the knockoffs and cosplay lolita clothing are far out of my price range. For example, I would pay $50 for a lolita dress, but not $200+.

It's very unfortunate. I know there's certain costs associated with tailoring these dresses in 5, possibly 6 different sizes. But some of this price is just brand inflation privilege.

Anyway.... I've been scouting for really cute patterns to sew. I figure it's just cheaper, since I have found discounted fabric here and there.
Especially since I have unusual measurements.
One of my goals is to lose a dress size so that I might fit into the standard dress sizes. They're kinda small. The problem is mostly my waist, but then again, these dresses aren't exactly made for big breasted women either.

Don't get me started on Japanese standard sizes. =_=

I have been using GosuRori scans and Gothic and lolita bible scans, have been weeding through them for useful patterns. By useful, I mean skirts, dresses and blouses. Because it is easy to find cloaks, bloomers and armwarmer patterns.

In subsequent posts I will list helpful sites and locations, because I tend to find sites for these patterns either exceeding bandwidth, NOT having useful patterns, or just not existing anymore.
I want to help the community.

Eventually I want to have my own free dress pattern up here, as well as some dress patterns for small fee. That would be interesting. Selling own lolita patterns. Hmm...
I wonder what the lolita industry would say or think. ;]