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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Which comic to start.... or finish.

Oh goodness. I have so many comics. And un named ones at that.

Should probably finish a whole comic.
Though now is a good opportunity to start up another comic while I still remember how to storyboard.

1. final project for GS: Story about seiryuu, lola and the eternity elixir. (short)
2. Geneva and Ursula: their lolita love story. (several chapter project)
3. Deer and Wolf yaoi tragedy. (short)
4. Oliver, ametaro, Alphonse, Ulysses fighting love story, in Thundara city. (several chapter project)
5. Harley and Sebastien branched story, same universe (several chapter project)

all the character profiles are on my site.

I want to get #3 out of the way before it grows stale. Or grows weeds. Like the flower beds in Sims 2. Or the bare floor that gets water on it. How can someone urinating on the bare ground cause weeds to grow a day later??? Oi. It's kinda funny though.

I think I should continue with final project #1, then #3, 2, 4, 5. Might as well go with Seiryuu's story until I get writer's block. As far as I can go, hopefully.

Have little else to do this summer anyway. =.= Summertime sucks. End of discussion.