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Monday, April 26, 2010


Spending a great deal of time crocheting.

I'm kind of disillusioned with school work. It's not good but I am. Though I have gotten quite a lot done with my Graphic Storytelling comic.

I have the first scene partially done. And I have made up Seiryuu's character design up.
This is my story idea.

I am working on a messenger bag. "Slouchy hobo bag". The pattern is here on youtube.
I'm trying to use up most of my yarn. Crocheting is good for that. It uses up yarn fast. But it also makes thicker, faster pieces of work than knitting.

Knitting takes a long time but involves a more smooth texture than crocheting.

We're learning Laplace transformations in math.

I am attempting to model a 3d anime-like head in Blender. It is hard.

WIPs of all my projects will come later on.