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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wings - Oil on Canvas, Abstract, beginning of the series

Untitled, 8 x 5.5", ink and colored pencil on paper.
Justin (MNR) Phillips

This is the image that started my current series of abstract linework!
It was a 'doodle' in my sketchbook that happened to look great enough for me to put some color on. This is why you keep your sketchbook pictures! This was created a few years ago, and inspired dozens of paintings and drawings!

I'm always putting together new ideas to see how far I can take this series of paintings and drawings.

My painting, Wings, came as a result of this drawing and was the first of this series.

Wings, 16x20", oil on canvas 
Justin (MNR) Phillips
At first, I used this drawing as a direct guide for how to paint this painting, then I diverged from it and only used some of the design elements from the drawing. I have trouble creating the same exact piece over and over again! D; In the end, I just 'let the brush guide me'. I essentially make up each abstract piece spontaneously, finding a rhythm and harmony in each mark on the page, and then creating other marks that make sense.

-Justin Phillips/MNR