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Saturday, October 29, 2016

New abstract drawing, work in progress!

I felt it was time to get started on a new abstract drawing!

Keith Haring is a big influence in my art. Ive been told by viewers that they see his artistic influence in my work! While this is great, I always strive to bring my own perspective to the idea of stark, cartoonlike, glyph-like art!

My process
I may have mentioned before,  my abstract artwork is not planned. Each piece is an experiment in following the shapes and symbols. each stage of the piece is a choice, a decision in time, like a binary tree filled with decisions. My work is metitative and mathematical in its own way; since each line is a decision taking me down one path, what would happen if in that point of time rhat the line is made, i chose to put another symbol in its place? With this line of thinking, one drawing, in alternate decision pathways, has the potential to be a slightly different drawing, yielding an  infinite number of designs.

Unfortunately, i dont have infinite time to contemplate these designs nor create them,  which makes the designs i do discover and create much more unique. Fun, huh?