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Monday, May 11, 2015

Irish Crochet Edging in french: Petite Dentelle Courante

Its an irish crochet edging, vintage french pattern.
Here's the original page in french.

I am trying to work this out, maybe do a translation? The ONE translation I saw on ravelry... I didn't understand.
Not to say that the crocheter didn't make a lovely edging, that is beside the point. =) In size 80 thread too! 0.6mm hook.
It doesn't appear to be in the ravelry database either! I think that's one thing I want to contribute to the future of thread lace crochet: translate and replicate antique patterns.
BTW, I still haven't forgotten about the thread holders! I just get distracted easily. I have one side done, I figured out how it was made from the picture, and it looks pretty!

Anyway. Anyone else want to take a crack at it? Within the next few days. I have been working a lot, and exhausted, but I will probably make a snippet in size 20 or smaller crochet thread, and post what I have here. I love irish crochet lace. I love fine handmade lace in general. <3 nbsp="" p="">This is the thing I would picture going on a lovely mori kei or lolita dress. Maybe even hime-gyaru.

Here's the pattern as Google Translate spat it out... its rough. :/

Lace small gourante 

This lace which is very handy to decorate small items, bibs, shirts 
and baby dresses, flaps, etc., has a great advantage, it is what is done by going and 
Coming without breaking the thread; you add only after the foot and tooth.

Base: 16 chains. 

the rank cv. - 7 chains, close spike in the last 5, 11 chains, shut in
pin the last 5, 2 chains, poke in the 6th chain after 1 pip 
1 double arch (see the horseshoe lace page 42-43), poke in the 6th chain, 

Chains 7, 1 pin (it is understood that the pin is always taken on membered 
Net) and 5 chains, chain stitch in the last turn. 

2nd row. - Chains 7, 1 pin, 11 chains, pin 1, 2 chains, prick in
first arch before the spike, chains 7, 1 pin, 5 chains, poke between 
2 pins of the middle arch; Chains 7, 1 pin, 5 chains, poke after the spike,
the last arch, turn. 

3 rank. - Chains 7, 1 pin, 11 chains, pin 1, 2 chains, prick before
pin, 7 chains, prick in next loop, turn, made flanges 10 in this hole 
and an eleventh on the grid attachment, turn, take a 6-day grid on the 

flanges (days consist of 1 chain, 1 flange) - 7 chains, pieol 1, 2 membered 
net, 1 dc in the last arch, turn. 

4 th. - Chains 7, 1 pin, 11 chains, pin 1, 2 chains, prick in
1st day of the pad, 1 double arch, poke in the 5th day, 7 chains, 1 pin, 5-membered 
net, poke in the last hoop after 1 pin turn. 

5 ° row. - Chains 7, 1 pin, 11 chains, pin 1, 2 chains, prick before
pin shackle, chains 7, 1 pin, 5 chains, poke between the 2 pins of the hoop 
middle, chains 7, 1 pin, 5 chains, poke in the last hoop. 

Repeat the 1st row to 5 and still repeat well. 

Once you have the desired length lace laites one side as a foot 
for other lace and the other side of the tooth as follows: 

the 1 'rank. - Rank 1 day 3 chains, 1 flange.

2 * rank. - 4 stitches in 1 day, 2 sts, 1 pin, 2 sts in the 2 nd day
2 stitches in the 3 rd day, turn 8 chains, prick with 1 st in the 4th after 
pin, turn and do in this hole: 4 pins, preceded, separated and followed by 3 stitches, 
2 sts, 1 pin, 2 stitches in the same day of the base. 

This 2 nd forming the tooth, repeat it as many times as you need 
to finish your lace. 

For different reasons lace of Ireland, we advise our 120, 150, 180, 200 
Irish son of MFA