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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I am open for art commissions!

This is cross posted from tumblr. Here is the original link.

Hi everyone, I'm trying to sell commissions to begin supporting myself as an artist. I would really appreciate if you would share this post, or consider getting a commission yourself! Thank you for checking this out!

My artwork is here, but of course, I will continue posting my artwork for you to see on this blog.



All prices in USD

*Each additional person adds X to the cost.

Sketches (Digital or Pencil)
bust: 8 (+5)*
waist: 12 (+10)*
full: 16 (+15)*

Markers/colored pencils (full color)
bust: 12 (+5)*
waist: 18 (+10)*
full: 24 (+15)*

Digital (full color)
bust: 15 (+5)*
waist: 22 (+10)*
full: 28 (+15)*

Chibi (full body)
Monochrome/Grayscale/sketchy: 10 (+5)*
Full color: 15 (+10)*

What you will get:
OR 300 dpi, digital, 8x10 max.
9x12 max size, scanned. To speak of owning the original, message me.
I ship worldwide, buyer pays shipping (for originals).

Payment in full upfront. I take paypal and cheques. If not paid within 48 hours, your name is removed from the list.
Send commission requests to my gmail account, Please mention something about "Commission request" in the title. We can discuss particulars over gmail, thanks.

I do:
characters, portraits of real people,, rpg characters, original characters, couples, animals, softcore porn, nudity.
I don't do:
Rape, bestiality, groups over 5 people.

Please, if its a specific character or person, add a small paragraph of description, and if its a full body portrait, please describe a pose or activity for the character to be taking.
Include: Reference, Personality, type of commission from list above, any other pertinent details.

I retain the rights to post in my gallery and use as examples.
The commissioner gets 3 revisions per image, after that, $10 per additional revision.
I have the right to refuse any commission.
Depending on what is requested, it may take between one week and a month to finish.