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Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year - Time to look for a job

Happy New Year all.

I've graduated from college. Now I have to look for work as either a video game artist, or a movies/media artist. I particularly want to be a character artist or a concept artist. It is a slow going search. I probably will have to take a regular job in the meantime. ]=

Anyway, I'm working on sprucing up my portfolio. I have a bunch of work to redo and spice up for my portfolio.
 I also have a bit of work to do on my flash drive, in regards to separating older artwork, older, useable artwork, works in progress, and recent artwork.

I am working on some concept art character sheets.
These are just some random strange priestess characters that I had eventually wanted to use in a story. Eh... they need a rework. I think these are from 2008 or 2009