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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Lady and her Engineer

My Advanced Drawing Final image. I didn't have time to color it. I will be honest. D= It needs some work but I loves it as is so far. These are two characters from my next comic project. I have too many comic ideas! I have to still work on their storyline and such. But I want this comic to deal with ideas of  artificial personhood, 'nontraditional' lifestyles and relationships, atypical relationships... they're supposedly lesbians. You know. I will go in more depth when I actually flesh out the story more and get it... actually started.

I really like 1700s fashion, rococo stuff, so the clothing, styles, and everything will be neo-rococo styled. Because what's better than cyberpunk neo-rococo???
(Nothiiing that's what. Hahahah. JK)

You might have seen these two, Geneva (da one with the ears) and Ursula (da one with the purple hair) before, I've posted them to me blog before.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baccante Painting study

For my painting class,

This painting is originally by Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun, french royal court painter, official portraitist to Marie Antoinette and her family.

Lady Hamilton as Bacchante
I did a study sketch, and then I did a painting.

My study sketch

Bacchante, original