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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WIP art post: Lolitas of color

You don't see many lolitas of color portrayed. So I figured why not experiment? Every lolita likes looking at a pretty rolemodel that looks similar to them (or has similar values, similar challenges, etc etc). If there aren't images on the web or in books, its because no one cared to make them. So I shall! =D

Muslim lolita! I saw one in the Gothic and Lolita bibles. They don't seem to be well represented elsewhere. So considering that image of the muslim lolita lady in the fan pictures in the GLB and adhering to what I believe I have heard about casual muslim attire rules.... I have created 2 images.
So... what MIGHT a muslim lolita wear? I don't claim to know all about muslims or muslim lolitas. Just trying something. =D

Also.... I don't think I like the feather there. I might go with roses or some other flower or something.

Happy New Year!

HI everyone. Thanks for holding on.

This has been a hectic few months, trying to get my affairs with college squared away and such.
Hopefully this will be a productive and mostly happy year for all of us... I sincerely hope, considering the tough stuff all around the country and in the US and in the world that is still continuing into 2013.

I've been thinking about New Years resolutions for the past few weeks. Brainstorming. I feel the key to successful New Years resolutions is to start small, and not to despair if you don't keep to them 100%. Any progress is good progress.
For example, I think one of my 2012 resolutions was to lose weight and get in shape. Well, I've built up some muscle, and lost a few pounds, and used my mother's gym membership a few times when I could get transportation.
Another was to draw more. I haven't necessarily been drawing more, but I made an effort to study art and gather inspirations together. I also learned Sculptris and am on my way to learning zbrush. I did several watercolor paintings, and stored them more neatly than I have in the past. I have also painted several paintings.

Resolutions shouldn't just be one year fads, methinks. They should be lifelong goals.

This year, I think I want to:

  • Sell at least one painting
  • Lose 5 lbs and keep it off
  • Make my crafts look more professional and neat
  • Get better at tailoring clothes
  • Start a plus sized lolita clothing line (even if the things I make aren't for sale yet)
  • Work hard at my schoolwork
  • Join a club or organization and make some more friends
  • Dress Lolita or Mori Kei more OR build my wardrobes (This is an ongoing goal)
  • Make a new petticoat, high waisted skirt, cocktail dress
  • Finish my Robe a la Francaise (I need to get pictures of that...)
  • Post more pictures to my blog here!
  • Make more comics, and perhaps launch a webcomic (I have already been creating more comics)

There are a few more private ones, but those are mainly they. I will add more if I think of more.
I encourage you people out there to start your own lists and post them on the wall. Don't feel disappointed if you don't do them all. It will be ok. Progress is gewwwd.

What is this obsession with losing weight? Well, like I said in the past, I want to fit into my clothes better. I want to be able to buy some cute clothes off the rack. Most of all, I want to be in decent shape. I don't want to be the size 0, like I said previously. I want to be healthy enough to run places and not feel tired all the time. I'm looking into low impact exercises, which are good for obese people. Lately I've had hip pain (exacerbated by working retail this past month...), and I really want that to go away on its own, rather than me going to the doctor about it. I figure it is just because my hip muscles are weak (which happens to a lot of people).

Bah. Since my company laid off all the seasonal workers, I guess I'm going to have more time between now and when I return to school in the spring. Therefore, I'm going to work on these resolutions.
My resolution is to work on these resolutions for at least one week. There we go! That's a good resolution!
But yeah, I'm going to be brainstorming a lot for all of these things.

Also: I'm going to have an Artist's Table at Genericon in March! Runs from March 2-4 I believe. If you read this, you should stop by! That would be fun, wouldn't it?