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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Lady and her Engineer

My Advanced Drawing Final image. I didn't have time to color it. I will be honest. D= It needs some work but I loves it as is so far. These are two characters from my next comic project. I have too many comic ideas! I have to still work on their storyline and such. But I want this comic to deal with ideas of  artificial personhood, 'nontraditional' lifestyles and relationships, atypical relationships... they're supposedly lesbians. You know. I will go in more depth when I actually flesh out the story more and get it... actually started.

I really like 1700s fashion, rococo stuff, so the clothing, styles, and everything will be neo-rococo styled. Because what's better than cyberpunk neo-rococo???
(Nothiiing that's what. Hahahah. JK)

You might have seen these two, Geneva (da one with the ears) and Ursula (da one with the purple hair) before, I've posted them to me blog before.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baccante Painting study

For my painting class,

This painting is originally by Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun, french royal court painter, official portraitist to Marie Antoinette and her family.

Lady Hamilton as Bacchante
I did a study sketch, and then I did a painting.

My study sketch

Bacchante, original


Monday, November 25, 2013

The Dancing Pair

The Dancing Pair, 18"x24", October 2013.
Acrylic on canvas, pencil, oil pastels.

I wanted to make humanoid shapes, that were both connected and clearly separate.
As the viewer steps back from the canvas, the humanoid figures merge into one strange creature. As the viewer steps towards the canvas,

These creatures are characters I have called 'familiars and strangers'. They are exact mirrors of ourselves, yet abstracted versions of ourselves. I want the viewer to connect with these creatures somehow.

It hangs in the Upstate Artists Guild gallery in Albany, NY, for the month of November. Its price is $225.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Black Lolita WIP image2

HAH! I thought this image looked weird!

Her arms are entirely too short! I was wondering forever why it looked weird. Maybe when I was drawing it I was trying to do foreshortening and failed.

Ah well.

I will try and fix it. But, I"m trying to hurry up and color or finish my old drawings and paintings so I can start a new chapter in my art style.

Also, I was thinking of moving to tumblr....


Monday, September 16, 2013

Two Lolis WIP

Hello again. Am here to present another WIP.

Some old artwork that needs to be colored proper.

Nothin' much going on, except just schooling and trying to finish my thesis comic.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Endrullisiano Character Sheet WIP

This image was scrapped because I couldn't... reconcile what I wanted the image to look like with what was in my head.

So my skills improved a bit and I found I was able to make a color portrait of her. I don't know if the whole sheet is coming after this, but...

Endrullisiano is a character from my yaoi manga. A jaded Rapunzel-like character, she is the mother of a group of vampires.
I don't know what the hell happened in photoshop. The colors of this portrait were much brighter! I have to have a talk with photoshop about this.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

WIP, A Geneva outfit redone (lolita inspired)

I am redoing a REALLY old piece of artwork. From when I was... what, 14, 15? I have always wanted to make a better design of her outfit while changing very little. Because looking at this picture not long after I made it... wow, a lot of the things on this outfit don't make sense! But its ok. It was one of my best pics at the time.

I guess it's part of that improvement meme thing.
As she is one of my Original Characters, I am forever working on her backstory, comic plot, and overall character design. I don't think she looks too android-ish right now, I want to work on that.

Its just lolita inspired. Probably kinda fairy kei come to think of it.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Pages of my Thesis Comic

I still don't have a name for this comic.
 This is my thesis project. I don't think I posted the pages previously.
It is a current work in progress which I have worked on  last semester, this summer, and now this semester. (Spring 2013, Fall 2013)

I continuously need to show my comic pages to people, but I never... have them nicely set up.
I hope this page will change that.

  • Characters:

This is the story of Nextus an angel sex slave, and Hajime, his demonic owner and lover. These are two impoverished inhabitants of an alternate world called Spiritworld, which exists parallel to our own.  They live in the Thundara City slums. This comic endeavours to tell of their love story, and their struggle to stay together, survive, and make a home for themselves. This story is an offshoot of a main story, details of which are to come out later after I finish this comic.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just updating

I"m working on writing up a pattern for a felted crocheted backpack, and socks knitted flat.
I need pattern testers for these, but I"m not sure where to go...
I am starting up sewing again. Working on hand sewing my corset.
Will be back with more pictures and comments later. FFN.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Recent yarns I've spun

No, not stories.

Just, this semester, I've been spinning yarn. Its a fun past time.

Here are some of the ones I've made.
I've recently been more into mori kei... it is great for casual wear. I plan to make some knitted or crocheted garments with these handspun yarns.

These are actually the pre-yarns... thse are what are called "singles", because they are only one strand of yarn in a multi-stranded yarn.

 My CD top whorl plying spindle, and some cheap domestic greyish brown wool. It has a lovely wooly feel.

 My dowel and polymer clay top whorl spindle. On the right side of the picture is a spindle I made of a chopstick and a pill bottle lid, bottom whorl. This is part of a one lb soft brown wool sliver. This is one of my best spinning spindles. Funny, because it is not traditionally shaped. Triangle whorl.
This is that bottom whorl  pill bottle spindle. The roving was very fluffy and long and soft, requiring very little spin. Blue Faced Leicester Yellow dyed wool, 8 ounces. I made a hat.... I need to find  a picture of the hat...

I've been spinning cotton, flax, plarn, cotton balls, puppy hair, and sewing thread.

No I"m not obsessed with yarn and yarning...
Yeah I am. Who am I kidding.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Art Practice: Muslim lolita test coloring

I have had a great deal of trouble coloring ANYTHING  these past couple of years. I think I have forgotten color theory or something.

So, I started inking this picture in OC 1.1. I'm not even really sure I want to ink my drawing in this program. I played with using complementary colors and analogous colors.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random thoughts and drawings

Why doesn't the sims 3 have zombies? That would make so much sense...
Mori kei allows a lot more knitted things to be made than lolita. That is so unfortunate.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Black Lolita Lineart

Finished the lineart. Not sure what do to for the colors. Perhaps pink and blue for the dress?

The eye is bothering me a bit. I might fix it. The dress too. I dunno. This pic is getting old. May be time to color it and then leave it.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

The idea of weaving.

Hello! I"m back.

Busy with school. Trying to get art internships. Very hard.
Right now, I'm taking a small break, as it is sunday and have done a bit of homework.

Lately, I have been spinning cotton on spindles I've made myself! Its a "green" cotton, 4 oz, but to everyday people it looks tan. I'm making it into sport/fingering weight yarn. I don't know why I am compelled to spin it so thin. Maybe because I see everyone else online spinning their threads that thin or thinner.

I've been spinning for a few months. I believe, since summer of last year. Its so fun and calming to watch a huge cloud of fiber turn into thread or yarn, a  more useable form.

I like the idea of growing your own fiber though.... call me crazy.

I've been making this japanese thread crochet dress pattern. I feel its very mori kei or classic lolita, and is just the thing to go over more plain outfits. Of course, I had to do quite a bit of math. If you want to make it, chances are, if you're not 34" bust, you're going to have to recalculate the size. Its from Pierrot Yarns. I want to try their yarn one day. Their english site is here.

I am mainly working on larger drawing and sculpture  projects rather than a few sketches. I need to draw MUCH more. But me working on projects 7 days of the week is a start, even if I do stop to play videogames.
Working on a comic, and  an art robot sculpture that requires me to know about electrodynamics and basic physics/mechanics. Ugh.... probably should go to the sculpture studio tonight to work on it.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Miss Tori

This is Miss Toriko Starlight, my most frequent muse and the one who has been with me longest. Fourth or fifth grade?

I am supposed to be drawing comics for my thesis class. But she did not want to go away till I had drawn her.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sleeping Dollies

Geneva and Ursula as chibis, being cute. In lolita like wear.

This is an old picture but I still like it and so I've begun to ink it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Nextus Sketch

This is a sketch of my character Nextus. I'm working on developing his character. I used some misc pictures as references for anatomy.

He's a sweetie.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cherub Statue, 3d model

Hello there. Just posting something I've been working on. This is a WIP. I am supposed to create a special effect image for class.

Whoo, last time I posted, I wasn't sure if I was going to be coming back to school. And now here I am, busy with projects and such. In school. Yay. <3 br="">


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WIP art post: Lolitas of color

You don't see many lolitas of color portrayed. So I figured why not experiment? Every lolita likes looking at a pretty rolemodel that looks similar to them (or has similar values, similar challenges, etc etc). If there aren't images on the web or in books, its because no one cared to make them. So I shall! =D

Muslim lolita! I saw one in the Gothic and Lolita bibles. They don't seem to be well represented elsewhere. So considering that image of the muslim lolita lady in the fan pictures in the GLB and adhering to what I believe I have heard about casual muslim attire rules.... I have created 2 images.
So... what MIGHT a muslim lolita wear? I don't claim to know all about muslims or muslim lolitas. Just trying something. =D

Also.... I don't think I like the feather there. I might go with roses or some other flower or something.

Happy New Year!

HI everyone. Thanks for holding on.

This has been a hectic few months, trying to get my affairs with college squared away and such.
Hopefully this will be a productive and mostly happy year for all of us... I sincerely hope, considering the tough stuff all around the country and in the US and in the world that is still continuing into 2013.

I've been thinking about New Years resolutions for the past few weeks. Brainstorming. I feel the key to successful New Years resolutions is to start small, and not to despair if you don't keep to them 100%. Any progress is good progress.
For example, I think one of my 2012 resolutions was to lose weight and get in shape. Well, I've built up some muscle, and lost a few pounds, and used my mother's gym membership a few times when I could get transportation.
Another was to draw more. I haven't necessarily been drawing more, but I made an effort to study art and gather inspirations together. I also learned Sculptris and am on my way to learning zbrush. I did several watercolor paintings, and stored them more neatly than I have in the past. I have also painted several paintings.

Resolutions shouldn't just be one year fads, methinks. They should be lifelong goals.

This year, I think I want to:

  • Sell at least one painting
  • Lose 5 lbs and keep it off
  • Make my crafts look more professional and neat
  • Get better at tailoring clothes
  • Start a plus sized lolita clothing line (even if the things I make aren't for sale yet)
  • Work hard at my schoolwork
  • Join a club or organization and make some more friends
  • Dress Lolita or Mori Kei more OR build my wardrobes (This is an ongoing goal)
  • Make a new petticoat, high waisted skirt, cocktail dress
  • Finish my Robe a la Francaise (I need to get pictures of that...)
  • Post more pictures to my blog here!
  • Make more comics, and perhaps launch a webcomic (I have already been creating more comics)

There are a few more private ones, but those are mainly they. I will add more if I think of more.
I encourage you people out there to start your own lists and post them on the wall. Don't feel disappointed if you don't do them all. It will be ok. Progress is gewwwd.

What is this obsession with losing weight? Well, like I said in the past, I want to fit into my clothes better. I want to be able to buy some cute clothes off the rack. Most of all, I want to be in decent shape. I don't want to be the size 0, like I said previously. I want to be healthy enough to run places and not feel tired all the time. I'm looking into low impact exercises, which are good for obese people. Lately I've had hip pain (exacerbated by working retail this past month...), and I really want that to go away on its own, rather than me going to the doctor about it. I figure it is just because my hip muscles are weak (which happens to a lot of people).

Bah. Since my company laid off all the seasonal workers, I guess I'm going to have more time between now and when I return to school in the spring. Therefore, I'm going to work on these resolutions.
My resolution is to work on these resolutions for at least one week. There we go! That's a good resolution!
But yeah, I'm going to be brainstorming a lot for all of these things.

Also: I'm going to have an Artist's Table at Genericon in March! Runs from March 2-4 I believe. If you read this, you should stop by! That would be fun, wouldn't it?