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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hair and dresses.

So I'm having a bit of financial troubles at the moment, and a lot of things are stressful.
I've come to the point where I can't sustain my website and domain, One day when I'm actually working I'll be able to buy it back, but for now, I cannot afford it... College is really taking its toll. I'm about ready to be out of it and onto the real world. One of the reasons being I don't like bouncing in between two locations. I'm never sure which address to use for something, because I'll only be home for a few months, and then I'll only have my dorm address for a few months. Also, I'm tired of being broke.
I want to pay for my own things. I want SOOO many wigs, and dresses. Dresses I can make. Wigs I cannot. Which is kinda sucky. I'm starting on a new skirt, I'm going to try hand sewing it, even though at home I have access to sewing machine. (another reason I want a permanent residence, I won't have to lug my things back and forth. Also, the sewing machine is not mine.)
In my google searches for various things, such as handmade lolita and lolita pattern and lolita fabric and whatever else I've been searching for this afternoon, I've come across a number of pictures of black lolitas. Eeek. Its just uncommon to see. I've even seen one with twists in her hair; cool!
Anyway, since I can't afford wigs, I want to explore my hair options as a black lolita. I have natural hair (coarse and curly, but soft) , of shoulder length, and it takes a while to grow.
I neither want to cut off my hair, nor go dred, and I'm not particularly interested in getting my hair permanently straightened.

There are plenty of options for lolitas with straight hair. One could wear it long, or in pigtails or pony tails, or curl it up, etc. If one has enough money, one could purchase a variety of wigs that will give your hair this effect.
I ask you, potential visitors and readers, what can someone with fragile curly hair do to look victorian, steampunkish, regency, rococo, etc?

The strength in such hair is the great volume. Extensions of course can be easily added.
Anyway, this isn't an easy question, and it isn't one that I"ve ever seen covered in the lolita community. I"m going to research it, and try to take photographs of myself with some hairstyles. I think that would be a great summer project.

I think one of the many more common solutions is to braid the hair into strands, and then manipulate it. I will try my best at styling hair. I'm mainly... interested in this topic as scientific or cultural research, to add to the community in some way.
Anywhoo... I'm going to try to get my digital camera in order.

P.S. I am sooo into period fashion and culture. o_o I totally want to make a regency dress. And then A rococo dress, like the french aristocracy. How fun. And of course renaissance. And other ones oooh.