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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Corset-type stitch pattern

I was looking for a pattern to make on the front of my  new cutsew design. This is a new knitted shirt pattern, raglan, that I am trying to design, as an alternative to sewing or buying a lolita blouse.

I wanted the traditional corset-lacing type front, but I don't know how to do advanced cables, nor could I find anything that looked easy enough.
I want this shirt design to be for the intermediate knitter, or advanced beginner. It will involve increases, decreases, knitting, purling, YOs, shaping, and putting stitches on holders.

Anyway, this is the stitch pattern. Its pretty much standard, but depending on the size you make, you will customize this basic stitch pattern for your bust diameter.

I'm considering adding ties to the back.

I anticipate this shirt will look adorable.