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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly Rabbit

Remember kids: Crazy is contagious and temporary. Stupid is painful and forever.


In other news.... school started up again! And I am still working! And I am cooking my own meals! It's gonna be a tough semester.
I trying.

At least I got my lolita dresses back...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Notes

Greek yogurt is awesome. So creamy!!

I was listening to an NPR story about the rise of greek yogurt in stores over american yogurt. Greek yogurt is superior! Creamy and filling were phrases they used in the story. So true. The american yogurt is so watery and tart and pungent at times.

Its so fattening though!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Codename: Save

So I am working on this mini platformer game independently. I was thinking it was going to be in 2d, done with Gamemaker 8, but since I've been looking at Unity, I don't know anymore. As long as you can 3d model and know the basics of game creation, you can make some pretty sexy things in Unity.

Unity generally makes 3d games, but it can also make 2d games. If I were to make my game in 3d, I could make it a 3d sideview platformer, but that would require me to make many 3d models and textures. I could do it, but I'm working also, and school is going to start in a few weeks as well. 2d assets are more portable. All I have to do is take my tablet and sketch some things in between classes. 3d models require a mouse, a place to put this mouse, a place for my computer to sit so it can process the things it needs to process, etc. this goes especially if I wanted to render an animation to check on it.

The name of this project for now will be Save. I don't want to release too many details right now. I don't even know what the main character will look like.

So far, I have sketched monsters. If everything goes down the toilet, at least I may be able to use them for a different game. I'm not trying to create something cutting edge, I'm basically just experimenting. This idea has been floating around my head for about a year. I can't do it for a class project, because if I do it by myself, it will take more than two months.

Most likely I will be doing this by myself. If all goes well, I can put it on a platform. I originally envisioned it to be a computer game, because I just love computer games, due to the fact that they are quite portable. It'll of course be a free game.

I need to make up a game document for it for that matter. I've been working somewhat on it. I have the basic gist of the game in my head. I am modeling one of the monsters at  the moment, because right now I don't have much work to do on the Patriots game Deadmans just came out with.

On another note, I WILL make a dressup game if it KILLS me. Flash has been a jerk to me. What is it with Adobe products and ruining my ideas? For some reason, it wouldn't let me use the drag and drop script. Maybe I can do something with the onmouseclick function, to transfer the clothing directly to the doll, like some dressup games are. I just.... want to have something to play with. A game I can play with with my own characters.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After a while....

Was having trouble getting back to the blog. Can't think of things to write. Rather, I am having too many ideas and not enough attention span. I guess I can write about them all. Sort of.

  • I am subscribed to the japanese Gothic and Lolita Bible. This issue is vol 40, summer edition. It appears to be a steam lolita and pirate lolita issue. The featured brands are Innocent World and Victorian Maiden, which are classic lolita brands. I'm a classic lolita so that is great. Unfortunately, some of the brands have released some shiny costumy stuff. That's not as good. And it seems across the board that there are some ita items. So there are some good and bad stuff in this issue.
  • I'm back home for the week, until sunday-ish. I prefer being home. It seems there is less pressure on me for stuff. The problem is, I'm so lazy! I can't bring myself to do much other than sleep, game, knit, or crochet. Poor puppy! 
  • I wanted to make a post on plarn, plastic yarn, and introduce it to a wider audience. I want to. Its a large topic, but its part of the eco movement amongst knitters and crocheters
  • I still don't have a sewing machine, but the good news is, I'm closer to getting back to school, and I don't have a room mate! I'm tired of having room mates, to be honest, but it can get somewhat lonely. My meaning is, I would probably be able to use my sewing machine late into the night! Which is good because I found some old fabric that can be turned into dresses and or skirts! I wish I could find batteries for my camera. They're basically cotton polyester sheets, but whatevs. At least they're mine, and I know they're clean.
  • I hit the jackpot with knitting items at the thriftstore. The thrift stores in my area (western ma) seem to be selling lots of crochet and knitting supplies, as well as cheap yarn. The problem is, if I'm going to go to a thrift store and buy some yarn, I want for it to at least be NOT acrylic, or wool preferably. I'm going there to get a discount, not pay slightly more for it.
  • Unfortunately, I can't go to Webs while I'm at home. Mother is getting married at the end of the week so I have to take the bus home. Its not an immensely big deal, because they've been together for several years and I already figured he was my stepfather. He certainly lived like it for several years. They're not having a big wedding, no new dress, no expensive rings, quick ceremony, no cake. The worst thing is NO CAKE!
  • The english gothic and lolita bible did a small issue on weddings. Most of it was traditional and girly, nothing out of the ordinary with only a few innovative designs. I want to create a wedding design spread (on paper). Just for fun, to see what kind of fanciful designs I come up with.

Those are some of the things that were floating about in my head. Perhaps I shall choose one and expand on it later. Thanks for reading.