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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A lolita coord I would love

Other bloggers do it.I've come to think it looks like fun!

As I am here slaving away at one dress, I can look at other dresses and think: I want that!
It is raining outside. I don't feel like going anywhere, therefore.
Pokemon Black/White came out today. Went with friends at 2am to get it today.  Really wanted the event Celebi but... lets be serious. It's raining, icky. and I'm comfy on my bed. I might try and force myself later on.

Anyway, I just love the line by Metamorphose.
I figure eventually if I'm going to be more of a lifestyle lolita, I need to know the names of the designers and which clothes come out from each line, once in a while. This is a start in doing that.

I am not saying that I will fit into all these coords. Or that I will buy them one day. I'm just saying: Damn these are sexy, you give me lolita inspiration.

Metamorphose has an mature Victorian lady feel to their clothes. Innocent world has a young Victorian lady feel to their clothes. That is why I like both of them, and that is why I used these two brands to make a coordinate.

Without further ado, I think I shall call it the Selene's Mirror Coordinate. I think this exemplifies my idea of the modern victorian lady. Hah. Modern victorian. Funny.