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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sewing by Hand

Heeey look here's a tutorial for a half elastic waist skirt.
Half Elasticised Waist
I wish I had a sewing machine. I sew all my clothes by hand because my mother's sewing machine crapped out in the middle of a project! Apparently it needs a tune up. And I move back and forth between college and home. Mother is apparently looking for one for me that is small and portable. That would be nice. Sewing by hand takes days, even weeks for a detailed skirt. I can barely do proper ruffling. It kills me. KILLS me. I should post pictures of my skirts. Especially the one where the sewing machine crapped out on me.

Hand sewing does get easier at least. I am grateful for that.

I will try to edit this post by the end of the day with the pictures. It was my first lolita skirt.

On another note, I have been searching the lolita penpal community on livejournal for a penpal. I think that's a great hobby for the lolita! It sounds so fun. I am attracted to it because I don't know anyone else who dresses the style (in person). It would be great to have someone who not only likes lolita and dresses it, but someone with similar interests like anime, manga, art, math, physics, language and philosophy, video games... whatever.

I can start composing that when I have more time tho, I guess. It takes time searching through that whole listing.

In my class, multimedia century, we are spending a day learning about Surrealism. It is so hilarious, and its propositions ridiculous. I have considered myself a surrealist painter, but I suppose I don't really know what that means.... Needs more research!