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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lolita Charm: How to Be Alone (Without Being Lonely)

Lolita Charm: How to Be Alone (Without Being Lonely)

Brands I love

I create blog posts when I can. Mostly during class. What an awful shame. But it's keeping me away throughout class. So it's a good thing. Naughty naughty lolita-chan.

Lolita Literature

I have been wanting to make a literature post for a while. This is quite a worthy pursuit of a lolita's time, or anyone's time.
There are many books that could be considered a must read for the young Victorian lady. Not back in Victorian, Edwardian or (other such movements) times. But nowadays. What would, or should, a lolita read?
I believe the lolita or the lady would try to educate herself, if not by learning or studying a new concept, at least by broadening her knowledge of books and ideas. However, sometimes sitting and watching television like a beached whale is more fun.

Of course, you can read anything you want. No one's forcing you, these are just my thoughts. But these might just be inspiration for your everyday lolita life.
The ones I have read are *-ed.
I will try to put as many free books as links. My main sources are the Gutenberg Project. this will be a work in progress.

Tess of the Durbervilles*
Pamela - Samuel Richardson*
Lady Chatterly's Lover
The Cantebury Tales
Candide - Voltaire*

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

About 3 dress designs

My sewing skills are sub-par, especially with me not having a sewing machine. But I try.

These are just dresses that I may or may not sew or have sewn one day.

Computer broke and the community's issues...

My computer broke. I'm sad.

Right now I have a loaner computer. But for at least 3 days I was SO bored because I couldn't get my computer fixed and do stuff like play games. I wasn't even productive. Something is wrong with the hardware.

On another note,
A week or so ago, I learned that the site is a scam site. They make horrible clothing and then when you try to get a refund (if you've seen some of the clothing that they send you!) they will fight you all the way, and have to involve PayPal. I've heard some horror stories on the main egl group on livejournal. I'm so worried because I purchased this dress form them.
I fear they won't give me a refund and I will have to check round the clock to make sure that I at least fight for it, and I may lose. I heard that they run out the time that you may file a claim, so you can't get a refund. I've seen the horrible dresses they send, and heard about the horrible customer service.
I want out of this bad deal.

Lolita is so expensive that getting a new dress is a really big deal and it had damn well better fit and look right. I've gotten ebay dresses that look decent and cute for less than $60 dollars. Soft fabric, lining, no nasty lace, etc. So Milanoo has no excuse.

I really want my $50 dollars back, so I can purchase some dresses from Fan+Friend or Bodyline. Before my computer broke, I was searching and found some dresses and skirts on Bodyline that can be modified. Everything there is usually a medium. (or really ugly looking... only a few though). I found some things that have shirring or elastic waist or a waist that can be modified by a few inches. Fan+Friend is really plus-sized friendly. I am pleased with them. However the $20 shipping isn't fun.

I need to really stop reading things on livejournal. The people at the plus sized lolita group told me not to look. I looked. I can't help my curiousity!!! It is one of my many curses.
Those people there in that lolita bashing community, 99.2% of them have ugly hearts, no matter what brand their wearing and how 'perfect' they are, they're always gonna be ugly, sad people. There's a difference between venting and trolling/trying to bring people down to make yourself feel better.

That being said, there's such a thing as ita lolita. I may be ita sometimes. I'll admit. But I believe in trying to conform to the rudiments of the style. The point is to TRY, and have fun doing so. It is definitely not about the clothes. It's about being a princess, or a doll, or a little girl, or a LADY inside, and showing that to other people.
(BTW, ita lolita refers to 'painful' in japanese. It's a term adopted by the lolita subculture to describe coordinates that don't coordinate, ugly clothes, too much lace or ugly patterns, or unflattering clothing.)

Things like that make me hesitant to join the wider lolita community, because this ugly nature isn't just kept to groups like this. I've seen some ugly comments on blogs and forums. I'm going to work on steering clear of these ugly people. But I always seem to find them eventually, is the horrible thing.

Hopefully I will have time to show pictures of my dresses tonight. I do have a major project in game design that will take 2 months and intense communication with my group. Therefore, I won't get to draw or anything. It is a 2d pygame game. Thank god I am not coding, but I will be one of two artists, in a group of 6. I am hoping to get along with everyone decently, and to draw the best I can. I aim to be a concept artist. And here is what we are doing, so this should be great experience. I just hope I can keep up. They're a really intense game design group, in that they want perfection and portfolio-worthy things.
That is a respectable goal. However, I want to SLEEP sometime this year.

I think I will post my lolita clothing drawings on here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sewing by Hand

Heeey look here's a tutorial for a half elastic waist skirt.
Half Elasticised Waist
I wish I had a sewing machine. I sew all my clothes by hand because my mother's sewing machine crapped out in the middle of a project! Apparently it needs a tune up. And I move back and forth between college and home. Mother is apparently looking for one for me that is small and portable. That would be nice. Sewing by hand takes days, even weeks for a detailed skirt. I can barely do proper ruffling. It kills me. KILLS me. I should post pictures of my skirts. Especially the one where the sewing machine crapped out on me.

Hand sewing does get easier at least. I am grateful for that.

I will try to edit this post by the end of the day with the pictures. It was my first lolita skirt.

On another note, I have been searching the lolita penpal community on livejournal for a penpal. I think that's a great hobby for the lolita! It sounds so fun. I am attracted to it because I don't know anyone else who dresses the style (in person). It would be great to have someone who not only likes lolita and dresses it, but someone with similar interests like anime, manga, art, math, physics, language and philosophy, video games... whatever.

I can start composing that when I have more time tho, I guess. It takes time searching through that whole listing.

In my class, multimedia century, we are spending a day learning about Surrealism. It is so hilarious, and its propositions ridiculous. I have considered myself a surrealist painter, but I suppose I don't really know what that means.... Needs more research!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lifestyle Lolita, post 1

I decided several months ago, which is last year, that I would be a lifestyle lolita. That is a very expensive habit. However, I don't really understand how if someone puts on the 'frills', they're NOT  a lifestyle lolita. Perhaps it is a passing phase for some people? Like dressing 'gothic', 'emo', or not caring about how they dress?

I've been reading a lot of this blog as of late. Lolita Charm . Whatever I do, I keep getting redirected to this sometime in the week. There are other blogs that I'm subscribed to on blogger. But it just happens.
I've been reading a great deal about Lolitas and reading lolita blogs. It appears I have an obsession. Or just that I am a lifestyle lolita.

I suppose to be a lifestyler you don't have to dress that way every day. It's more of the ideals that you hold about every day life.

The lolita things I do every day:
  • Knitting/Crocheting
  • Sewing
  • Drawing, sketching
  • Lace making
  • Reading Classical books
  • partaking in philosophy
  • Enjoying tea
  • Enjoying dolls
  • Enjoying Victorian and similar fashions, and finding coordinates!

There are more things I do, but I don't do them every day. And I can't remember them right now.

However, it wouldn't hurt for me to get some more skirts and blouses for everyday wear. I also need bloomers. I hate stairs but I must go up them once in a while. So I'm not an out of shape fat person all the time. (BTW I can say this because I'm fat. =P) And.... people could very well see things. Also it's damn windy in this town. Can't stand this town... my skirts, why!

I mainly dress classic/aristocrat lolita, ero lolita, and casual lolita. I'd be so afraid of sitting places and getting  dirty as a shiro lolita. (I could bring a handkerchief to sit on but still.) That's why now I prefer off white and creams. Also they really complement me. Complete kuro lolita is too dark for my skin complexion and hair. I don't want my dress to blend right into my skin...

Clothes I would love to get for these styles:
  • Black and white skirts - Gonna see if I can find some people to commission, and find some cute fabric for me to sew.
  • Black stockings or white stockings
  • Cute earrings (can go to claires, icing, or fashion bug I guess) 
  • All purpose tote bags!
  • Bows and hair pieces
  • Cardigans

Most of these I can make. However, it takes time.

Just figuring out what to do with my hair is a big problem however. I don't have the straight hair that asian or most white lolitas have, and straightening my hair every week is not an option.
I have started to compile a list of alternative hair styles for those with curly, frizzy, floofy or natural hair. I will post pictures when I can.

I'm quite excited because I got a reserve subscription from I'm going to get at least 3 issues of gothic and lolita bible for 20 dollars, instead of getting each one for 20 dollars! Yaay. Because I need to keep up with the fashion, I do. I know my major brands, but I definitely could do better.

I hope this lolita thing is not a phase. I plan to be dressing at least aristocrat or steampunk into my old age!

I would enjoy the fashion a lot more if I had someone to talk to and meet with. Especially if I went to a meet up. I'm a shy person, but sometimes, it's not fun performing your hobbies alone. You want someone to share it with.

-Murasaki no Ryuu