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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Geneology

My Math advisor is interested in genealogy! I saw his personal school website.
Why does this matter?
It lead me to copious amounts of links to genealogy, especially for the Caribbean in general, not just Jamaica!

I am half St. Vincentian. That is all I know so far, and I can only go 3 generations back. And then the history gets muddy. I haven't delved that far into my background through my family, I'm somewhat shy to talk to them. This could be a great way to initiate connection with them, I know that at least.

I want to start genealogy of my mother's side.
I'm really excited because I found a web page with official records specially FOR st Vincent and the Grenadines! I had almost resigned myself to giving up, being lost in the vast billions of people and millions of histories there are in the world.

And one of the most exciting parts of this discovery in the counter. Over 6000 people/hits have been recorded. This means there are many other people interested in this project.

How exciting.

I have to remember for my first trip to st. Vincent, to involve myself in genealogy of my family. We have a pretty common name, so this won't be easy.

I forgot to add the stuff I've knitted as of late.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Knittin. At almost 3 am on a sunday morning.

I have so many knitting projects. They are calming.

I just set up version 7 of my website, CalienteOkami Studios. The CSS is still messed up. Needa work with that. But... pretty proud of the image layout. Took me weeks to tweak and get right.... The "lace" pattern on it, I made myself. Pretty nifty. Handmade in PSP9.
[Screenshot in a bit.]

Am watching Dirty Jobs. Mike is plugging cave holes. It is very funny, for he cannot extract a simple fencepost.

Earflap hat: 55%
Grey Tunic: 30%
Cotton T-shirt: 5%

I am looking for summer internships in the game design field. The search is going very bad, thanks for asking. xD
It doesn't even have to be a summer internship. Just an internship. I don't know of anywhere that would take an artist just for a year. But I'm willing to do anything. I've had like 40 tabs open. Hmm hmm. Interesting this.

Anyway, still gonna work commissions. I don't have any updates for those, because commissions have been kinda sparse for me as of late. D;
I have two upcoming ones. Workin' on that.

About math. Differential Equations: doing fourier series. How painful. xDDD

Pictures of my felted cellphone case, my first felting.
And my t-shirt, like 30% done.